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This is a comprehensive and frequently updated resource page that lists all the significant Phishing Attacks as they are discovered and happen online. Each attack is summarized here with links to further information about each attack. The list below is updated instantly with threat details as soon as the attack is verified to be authentic.

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Jack Daniel’s-Maker Suffers REvil Ransomware Breach

17th August 2020 | Target: Jack Daniel’s | Reported Here

US wine and spirits giant Brown-Forman has become the most current big-name model to put up with a really serious ransomware-connected data breach, cyber-criminals have claimed.

The Jack Daniel’s-maker has released few particulars about the incident but claimed it productively prevented attackers from encrypting its documents.


[above via The Cyber Security post] Update 1 


Looting Causes Data Breach at Walgreens

14th August 2020 | Target: Walgreens | Reported Here

The personal health information (PHI) of over 72,000 Walgreens customers has been exposed after looters broke into nearly 200 stores and stole prescriptions.

America’s second-largest pharmaceutical chain contacted impacted customers in July to disclose the data breach. Walgreens spokesperson Jim Cohn told the Philadelphia Inquirer that 180 Walgreens stores had been looted but declined to state which specific ones.


[above via Nationalcybersecuritynews post]


Capital One Fined $80m for 2019 Breach

6th August 2020 | Target: Capital One | Reported Here

Capital One has been fined $80m following its breach last year.

According to a statement from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), these actions were taken against Capital One “based on the bank’s failure to establish effective risk assessment processes prior to migrating significant information technology operations to the public cloud environment and the bank’s failure to correct the deficiencies in a timely manner”.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1 / Update 2


Online Exam Tool Suffers Data Breach

6th August 2020 | Target: ProctorU | Reported Here

A malware author has pleaded guilty to conspiracy for his role in a transnational cybercrime organization responsible for stealing over $568m.

Valerian Chiochiu, a.k.a. “Onassis,” “Flagler,” “Socrate,” and “Eclessiastes,” admitted being involved with one of the largest cyber-fraud enterprises ever created that victimized Americans in all 50 states and millions globally.


[above via Hackread post] Update 1


Malware Author Admits Role in $568m Cyber-Fraud

3rd August 2020 | Target: Multiple Businesses and Individuals | Reported Here

A malware author has pleaded guilty to conspiracy for his role in a transnational cybercrime organization responsible for stealing over $568m.

Valerian Chiochiu, a.k.a. “Onassis,” “Flagler,” “Socrate,” and “Eclessiastes,” admitted being involved with one of the largest cyber-fraud enterprises ever created that victimized Americans in all 50 states and millions globally.


[above via Cyberreport post]


Havenly Breach Hits In excess of 1.3 Million Accounts

2nd August 2020 | Target: Havenly | Reported Here

Havenly has become the latest online firm to suffer a serious breach of customer data after hackers published the information for free on the dark web.

Notorious dark web trader ShinyHunters was spotted last week posting the data of nearly 1.4 million accounts online.

They’re said to be part of a much bigger 386 million record trove including data from customers of Dave, Promo and HomeChef, which has been previously disclosed.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1


Business giant Dussmann Group’s data leaked after ransomware attack

30th July 2020 | Target: Dussmann Group | Reported Here

Dussmann Group has confirmed that one of their subsidiaries, Dresdner Kühlanlagenbau GmbH (DKA), recently suffered a ransomware attack and data was stolen.

Dussmann Group is the largest multi-service provider in Germany having subsidiaries focusing on facility management, corporate childcare, nursing and care for the elderly, and business systems solutions, including HVAC, electrical work, and elevators.


[above via Cybersafe post] Update 1


Drizly Breach Hits 2.5 Million Customer Accounts

29th July 2020 | Target: Drizly | Reported Here

Alcohol delivery startup Drizly has suffered a major breach of customer data, with nearly 2.5 million accounts compromised in an incident discovered earlier this month.

The firm — which describes itself as the world’s largest marketplace for beers, wines and spirits — partners with retail stores in over 100 North American cities.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1 / Update 2


Promo Data Breach Hits 14.6 Million User Accounts

29th July 2020 | Target: Promo | Reported Here, a video creation platform for businesses and agencies, has confirmed a data breach after bad actors posted a database containing 22 million user records on a hacking forum.

The award-winning video maker, which is partnered with social media venues such as Facebook and Instagram, allows users to create an unlimited number of promotional videos that can be shared online.


[above via Securityboulevard post]


Twitter Confirms 130 Accounts Hacked

17th July 2020 | Target: Canadians | Reported Here

Twitter said late on Thursday that hackers targeted about 130 accounts during the cyberattack this week, an incident in which profiles of many prominent personalities and organizations were compromised.

Hackers had accessed Twitter’s internal systems to hijack some of the platform’s top voices, including U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, former U.S. President Barack Obama, and billionaire Elon Musk, and used them to solicit digital currency.


[above via Venturebeat post] Update 1


Over Half of Canadians Victims of Cybercrime

16th July 2020 | Target: Canadians | Reported Here

More than half of Canadians have fallen victim to a cybercrime, according to a new report by the Cybersecure Policy Exchange (CPX) at Ryerson University in Toronto.

In the report Advancing a Cybersecure Canada: Introducing the Cybersecure Policy Exchange, the CPX revealed that 57% of Canadians say that they have been a victim of a cybercrime.


[above via Terabitweb post]


Bitcoin Thieves Hit Cashaa

13th July 2020 | Target: Cashaa | Reported Here

Cybercriminals have compromised a British cryptocurrency exchange, with more than $ 3 million in Bitcoin.

Cashaa halted all crypto-related transactions after cybercriminals stole more than 336 Bitcoin from their exchange. The company said users at first glance were unaffected by the theft.


[above via Oltnews post]


Zoom Zero-Day Bug Hits Legacy Windows Users

10th July 2020 | Target: Zoom | Reported Here

Zoom is scrambling to fix another zero-day vulnerability in its Windows client, this time potentially leading to arbitrary remote code execution.

Acros Security CEO, Mitja Kolsek, revealed the news in a blog post, claiming that the researcher who found the bug didn’t disclose to the vendor or a third-party broker, “but would not object to us reporting it to Zoom.”

“We analyzed the issue and determined it to be only exploitable on Windows 7 and older Windows systems. While Microsoft’s official support for Windows 7 has ended this January, there are still millions of home and corporate users out there prolonging its life with Microsoft’s Extended Security Updates or with 0patch,” he explained.


[above via Cybercureme post]


UCSF Pays $1.14m Ransomware Fee

29th June 2020 | Target: UCSF | Reported Here

The University Of California San Francisco finally confirmed that it had forked over $1.14m to ransomware thieves last week, less than a month after discovering that critical academic data related to its COVID-19 research had been encrypted.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1


Police Seize Alleged Bitcoin Raider’s $90m in Assets

22nd June 2020 | Target: Bitcoin Exchange Services | Reported Here

Police in New Zealand have seized $90m worth of assets belonging to a man wanted for cybercrimes in France and the United States.

Alexander Vinnik allegedly masterminded a Bitcoin laundering ring that handled billions of dollars via a digital currency exchange. He is also wanted for some minor crimes in his native Russia.


[above via Infosecurity post]


Sharp Rise in Web Attacks on Gamers

17th June 2020 | Target: Gamers | Reported Here

Cyber-criminals stepped up their efforts to victimize gamers while millions of people stayed at home this spring to slow the spread of COVID-19.

New research published today by Kaspersky found that in April, the daily number of blocked attempts to direct users to malicious gaming-themed sites increased by 54%, compared to January 2020.


[above via Nxtalpha post]


Cyber-Attack Hits US Nuclear Missile Sub-Contractor

3rd June 2020 | Target: US Nuclear Missile Sub-Contractor | Reported Here

A U.S. military contractor involved in the maintenance of the country’s Minuteman III nuclear arsenal has been hit by the Maze ransomware, according to reports – with the hackers making off with reams of sensitive information.


[above via Threat Post post]


REvil Ransomware Group Auctions Stolen Data

2nd June 2020 | Target: Various Companies | Reported Here

A prolific ransomware group has begun auctioning data stolen from victim organizations that refuse to pay up, marking an escalation in its monetization efforts.

The gang behind the REvil (aka Sodinokibi) variant this week took to its dark web blog to announce the first auction, related to a Canadian agricultural company it compromised which has declined to pay a ransom.


[above via Infosecurity post]


Minneapolis City and Police Websites Attacked

1st June 2020 | Target: Police Websites | Reported Here

The Minneapolis Police Department’s website has shown signs of a cyber-attack since late Saturday, days after a video purported to be from the hacktivist group Anonymous promised retribution for the death of George Floyd during an arrest.

Websites for the police department and the city of Minneapolis were temporarily inaccessible on Saturday as protesters in cities around the U.S. marched against police violence aimed at black Americans.


[above via Cybercureme post]


Norway’s Wealth Fund Loses $10m in Data Breach

15th May 2020 | Target: Norway’s Wealth Fund | Reported Here

Norway’s state-owned investment fund Norfund has halted all payments after losing $10m in an “advanced data breach.”

Norfund is a private equity company established by the Norwegian Storting in 1997 and owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The fund receives its investment capital from the state budget and is the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world.

On May 13, Norfund announced that it was “cooperating closely with the police and other relevant authorities” after “a series of events” allowed fraudsters to make off with $10m.

The fund said that a data breach allowed defrauders to access information concerning a loan of US$10m from Norfund to a microfinance institution in Cambodia.


[above via Cybercureme post] Update 1


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