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This is a comprehensive and frequently updated resource page that lists all the significant Phishing Attacks as they are discovered and happen online. Each attack is summarized here with links to further information about each attack. The list below is updated instantly with threat details as soon as the attack is verified to be authentic.

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IIoT chip maker Advantech hit by ransomware, $12.5 million ransom

28th November 2020 | Target: Advantech | Reported Here

The IoT giant Advantech has become the latest victim of a severe cyber attack. Reportedly, Advantech has fallen prey to the infamous Conti ransomware attack where the hackers have demanded a whopping 750 BTC as ransom.


[above via Latesthackingnews post] Update 1  


Louisiana Hospitals Report Data Breach

23rd November 2020 | Target: Louisiana Hospitals | Reported Here

The data of thousands of patients has been exposed following a cyber-attack on Louisiana State University medical centers.

LSU Health New Orleans issued a HIPAA breach notification on November 20 after detecting a cyber-intrusion into an employee’s electronic mailbox.

“The intrusion appears to have occurred on September 15, 2020, and the mailbox access was discovered and disabled on September 18, 2020,” said LSU Health.


[above via gadgetpage post] Update 1  


Americold Operations Downed by Cyber-Attack

18th November 2020 | Target: US cold storage firm Americold| Reported Here

Americold, a company whose cold-storage capabilities are integral to the U.S. food-supply chain (and soon, COVID-19 vaccine distribution), has confirmed an operations-impacting cyberattack, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


[above via Threat Post post]  


Capcom hit by ransomware attack, up to 350,000 accounts may be affected

16th November 2020 | Target: Capcom | Reported Here

Capcom, the Japanese game maker behind the “Resident Evil” and “Street Fighter” franchises, has confirmed that hackers stole customer data and files from its internal network following a ransomware attack earlier in the month.

That’s an about-turn from the days immediately following the cyberattack, in which Capcom said it had no evidence that customer data had been accessed.


[above via Techcrunch post] Update 1  


Data Breach Hits 28 Million Texan Drivers

13th November 2020 | Target: Texan Drivers | Reported Here

Vertafore, a provider of insurance software, has disclosed this week a data breach, admitting that a third-party accessed the details of 27.7 million Texas drivers.

The incident is believed to have taken place sometime between March 11 and August 1, and happened as a result of human error when three data files were inadvertently stored in an unsecured external storage service.


[above via Zdnet post] Update 1  


Laptop maker Compal hit by ransomware, $17 million demanded

9th November 2020 | Target: Compal Electronics | Reported Here

Compal, a Taiwanese electronics company that builds laptops for some of the world’s largest computer brands, suffered a ransomware attack over the weekend.

Responsible for the breach is believed to be the DoppelPaymer ransomware gang, according to a screenshot of the ransom note shared by Compal employees with Yahoo Taiwan reporters.


[above via Zdnet post] Update 1  


Ryuk Ransomware operators made $34 million from one victim

7th November 2020 | Target: Multiple Individuals and Firms | Reported Here

One hacker neighborhood that’s concentrating on excessive-revenue companies with Ryuk ransomware obtained $34 million from one sufferer in alternate for the decryption key that unlocked their computers.

The menace actor is extremely proficient at gripping laterally interior a compromised community and erasing as grand of their tracks as possible sooner than detonating Ryuk ransomware.


[above via Gisttree post]  


US Seizes $1bn from Silk Road Crypto Account

5th November 2020 | Target: Silk Road Crypto Account | Reported Here

The United States has seized more than $1bn in cryptocurrency believed to be proceeds from a defunct online marketplace that was notorious for selling unlawful goods and services.

On November 5, the Department of Justice filed a civil complaint to seek the forfeiture of thousands of Bitcoins seized by law enforcement on November 3, 2020, from an account associated with Silk Road. The seizure represents the largest confiscation of cryptocurrency in the department’s history.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1


Italian beverage vendor Campari knocked offline after ransomware attack

5th November 2020 | Target: Campari Reported Here

Beverage giant Campari Group has become the latest big-name brand to suffer an apparent ransomware attack forcing IT services offline.

The Italian firm issued a statement on Tuesday claiming it was hit by a malware attack “presumably” on Sunday November 1.

“The groups IT department, with the support of IT security experts, immediately took action to limit the spread of malware in data and systems,” it added.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1 / Update 2


US Seizes $24M in Crypto as Part of Brazilian Probe Into $200M Fraud Scheme

5th November 2020 | Target: Brazilian Businesses | Reported Here

Acting on request of the government of Brazil, U.S. authorities seized virtual currency worth an estimated US$24 million which Brazilian authorities claim are proceeds of a fraudulent scheme, the Justice Department announced Wednesday.

The Department said Brazil asked “for assistance in connection with a large cryptocurrency fraud scheme in a Brazilian federal police investigation called Operation Egypto.”


[above via Occrp post] Update 1 / Update 2


Montreal Metro Hacker Demands $2.8m Ransom

29th October 2020 | Target: Montreal’s transit agency | Reported Here

A hacker behind the recent ransomware attack on Montreal’s transit agency, that shut down 624 operationally sensitive servers, has demanded $2.8 million in ransom to restore normal operations.

The ransomware attack resulted in the shutdown of around 1,000 of 1,600 servers operated by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), the transit agency of Montreal. While normal bus and metro services were not affected, the reservation system for adapted transit went offline and so did the STM’s website.


[above via Teiss post] Update 1  


US Army Base’s Twitter Account Hacked

22nd October 2020 | Target: US Army’s | Reported Here

A malicious hacker has been blamed for a series of lewd messages that emanated from the social media account of a US military base on Wednesday.

Followers of Fort Bragg’s official Twitter account were surprised by the sexual content of a number of tweets that began to appear at around 4:30pm ET.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1  


M&S Boss Spoofed in Gift Voucher Scam

21st October 2020 | Target: Marks and Spencer (M&S) | Reported Here

Criminals are impersonating the boss of a major British multinational retailer to trick victims into sharing their bank account details.

Posing as Marks & Spencer CEO Steve Rowe, the scammers have posted fraudulent adverts online that promise victims the chance to win a gift voucher as part of a fictitious prize draw promotion.

When victims click on the link in the ad, they are taken to an M&S-branded portal and asked to provide their name, address, mobile phone number, and bank details including SORT code and account number.


[above via Startupdigital post] Update 1 / Update 2


Iran Reports Two Major Cyber-Attacks

14th October 2020 | Target: Iranian Government | Reported Here

Iran on Wednesday reported a “large-scale” cyberattack against two unspecified government institutions.

A spokesperson quoted by the official IRNA news agency said the attack did not cause any significant damage and was being investigated. He said the country has dealt with larger attacks in the past.


[above via Times Of Israel post] Update 1 / Update 2


Barnes & Noble hit by cyberattack that exposed customer data

14th October 2020 | Target: Barnes & Noble | Reported Here

American bookseller Barnes & Noble has been hit by cyber-criminals the day after resolving a connection issue with its Nook e-reader service.

The beleaguered bookstore has been emailing customers since Monday to notify them of the attack and warn them that their data may have been compromised.

“It is with the greatest regret we inform you that we were made aware on October 10, 2020, that Barnes & Noble had been the victim of a cybersecurity attack, which resulted in unauthorized and unlawful access to certain Barnes & Noble corporate systems,” states the notification email.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1 / Update 2 / Update 3 


Hackney council hit by cyber attack

13th October 2020 | Target: Hackney Council | Reported Here

IT systems and resident-facing services at Hackney Council in London are currently offline following an apparent cyber security incident.

The council said its investigation was ongoing and provided no further details of exactly what has transpired, although it described it as a “serious cyber attack”.

Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville said: “Our focus is on continuing to deliver essential frontline services, especially to our most vulnerable residents, and protecting data, while restoring affected services as soon as possible.


[above via Computer Weekly post] Update 1 / Update 2


Morgan Stanley fined $60m over data centre decommissioning failures

9th October 2020 | Target: Morgan Stanley | Reported Here

The US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has fined Morgan Stanley $60 million for failing to properly decommission two wealth management data centers in 2016.

The bank failed to properly oversee its contractors, and how they wiped data from servers and other hardware. Some customer information remained on the equipment after it was sold to recyclers, but there was no indication that any of the details were misused.

Plaintiffs in two class-action lawsuits filed against the bank this summer claimed the data left on the devices included Social Security numbers, passport information, and other account information.


[above via Datacenterdynamics post] Update 1


Cyber-attacks against Angolan news site and reporter

9th October 2020 | Target: Angolan News Site and Journalists | Reported Here

The website of Correio Angolense, one of Angola’s most respected independent online news sources, has been inaccessible since 25 September, when it was crashed by thousands of simultaneous connection attempts, many more than is normal. Its editor, Graça Campos, told RSF that everything indicates that this was a cyber-attack.


[above via Rsf post] Update 1


Skimming Attack on Boom! Mobile

6th October 2020 | Target: Boom! Mobile | Reported Here

A mobile network operator has fallen victim to a Magecart campaign designed to steal consumer financial data.

Malwarebytes researchers said on Monday that one of the latest organizations targeted by a Magecart group is Boom! Mobile, of which the firm’s US website has been compromised and is, at the time of writing, actively being used to harvest shopper information.


[above via Zdnet post] Update 1 / Update 2


Govt. Services Firm Tyler Technologies Hit in Apparent Ransomware Attack

23rd September 2020 | Target: Tyler Technologies | Reported Here

Tyler Technologies – one of the largest solution providers to state and local government in the U.S. – was hit in an apparent ransomware attack, according to KrebsOnSecurity.

Cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs said the company copped to an intrusion to its system, but told him it was limited to internal company systems and had no impact on its customers.


[above via CRN post] Update 1 


179 Arrested for Darknet Drug Trafficking

22nd September 2020  | Reported Here

Law enforcement officials arrested 179 people and seized more than $6.5 million in a worldwide crackdown on opioid trafficking on the darknet, the U.S. Justice Department said Tuesday.

The operation, which mainly occurred in the U.S. and in Europe, comes more than a year after officials took down the “Wall Street Market,” which was believed to be one of the largest illegal online marketplaces on the darknet.


[above via Abcnews post] Update 1  / Update 2


Cyber-Criminals Spoof Texas Government

21st September 2020 | Target: Texas Goverment | Reported Here

Scammers are impersonating governmental departments within the State of Texas to send out fake Requests For Quotations (RFQs).

On September 21, Abnormal Security revealed that it had spotted an attack email that impersonated the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Scammers used spoofing techniques to camouflage the sender address as an account that was affiliated with the official domain.


[above via Tripwire post] Update 1  


Data Breach at Long Island Hospital

21st September 2020 | Target: Long Island hospital | Reported Here

Long Island’s only tertiary care center and Regional Trauma Center has issued a warning to patients that their personal data may have been exposed as a result of a ransomware attack.

Stony Brook University Hospital has contacted patients by letter to notify them of a possible data breach following an attack on the hospital’s third-party vendor Blackbaud in May 2020. 


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1  


Student Arrested Over Cyber-attacks on Indiana Schools

21st September 2020 | Target: Valparaiso Community Schools | Reported Here

A 13-year-old Benjamin Franklin Middle School student was arrested Thursday for hacking into his school district’s computer system.

On Friday, police confirmed the boy is now in the Porter County Juvenile Detention Center, and has been charged with offense against a computer user.


[above via Wamwamfm post] Update 1  / Update 2


Fatal Hospital Hack Linked to Russia

18th September 2020 | Target: Düsseldorf University Hospital | Reported Here

For the first time ever, a patient’s death has been linked directly to a cyberattack. Police have launched a “negligent homicide” investigation after ransomware disrupted emergency care at Düsseldorf University Hospital in Germany.


[above via Technologyreview post] Update 1


Minnesota’s second-largest health care data breach

16th September 2020 | Target: Minnesota’s | Reported Here

Hundreds of thousands of patients and donors to Children’s Minnesota and Allina Health hospitals are getting letters saying some of their personal data may have been exposed in a data breach,

Hundreds of thousands of patients and donors to Children’s Minnesota and Allina Health hospitals are getting letters saying some of their personal data may have been exposed in the second-largest health care data breach in state history.


[above via Startibune post] Update 1


DDoS Attacks Hit 1 Tbps in 2020

16th September 2020 | Target: Various Organizations | Reported Here

There has been a 151% increase in the number of DDoS attacks in the first half of 2020, compared to the same period in 2019.

According to Neustar’s latest CyberThreats and Trends Report, these attacks include the largest that Neustar has ever mitigated at 1.17 Tbps.

As reports of the number of detected DDoS attacks increase, Neustar said the number of attacks sized 100 Gbps and above grew by 275%, and the number of “small attacks,” sized 5 Gbps and below, increased by more than 200%. These small 5 Gbps and below attacks represented 70% of all attacks mitigated by Neustar between January and June 2020.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1


Data Breach Hits 46,000 US Veterans

14th September 2020 | Target: US Veterans | Reported Here

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced Monday that the personal information of around 46,000 veterans was accessed in a recent data breach.

The news came after the agency’s Financial Services Center discovered that an unauthorized user had accessed an application used to help veterans pay for medical care and diverted funds meant for community health providers.


[above via The Hill post] Update 1


US staffing firm Artech discloses ransomware attack

11th September 2020 | Target: Artech Information Systems | Reported Here

One of the largest IT staffing companies in America has been hit by a second ransomware attack in nine months.

At the start of September, Artech Information Systems disclosed a data breach caused by a ransomware attack perpetrated between January 5 and 8, 2020.

Attackers deployed the ransomware three days after gaining unauthorized access to some of the company’s systems. The incident was picked up by the company following reports of suspicious activity on the user account of an Artech employee.


[above via Infosecurity post]  


Chinese Ambassador’s Twitter Account “Hacked”

10th September 2020 | Target: Liu Xiaoming | Reported Here

A pornographic post was ‘liked’ from the official account of Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming, after which the country has asked Twitter to initiate a probe in what it says is a hacking incident.

Xiaoming’s account showed the liked video for over an hour on Wednesday, leading to a number of comments and reactions before it was finally taken down.


[above via DNA India post]  Update 1 / Update 2


Cryptocurrency exchange Eterbase hacked, $5.4 million worth of funds stolen

10th September 2020 | Target: Eterbase  | Reported Here

ETERBASE, a Bratislava-based cryptocurrency exchange, disclosed this week a security breach. The exchange said hackers breached its internal network and stole cryptocurrency funds worth $5.4 million.

The incident, which was disclosed on Thursday, involved the theft of various cryptocurrencies from the company’s hot wallets.


[above via Zdnet post]  Update 1


DOJ Scam Targets Elderly Americans

8th September 2020 | Target: Elderly Americans | Reported Here

The Office of Justice Programs’ Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) has received multiple reports that individuals claiming to represent the Department of Justice are calling members of the public as part of an imposter scam. The department strongly encourages the public to remain vigilant and not to provide personal information during these calls, which appear to target the elderly.


[above via Justice post] Update 1 


Webmaster Portal Leaks 63 Million Records

8th September 2020 | Target: Webmaster Portal | Reported Here

The world’s largest webmaster form has been found wanting in terms of its cybersecurity posture after researchers discovered an unprotected database leaking data on nearly 900,000 users.

Digital Point provides a platform for members to chat and buy and sell websites, domains and digital services.

Back in July, researchers at WebsitePlanet teamed up with Jeremiah Fowler to discover an Elasticsearch database belonging to Digital Planet that was left online without password protection, exposing nearly 63 million records.


[above via Startupdigital post]


US Arrests Tourist Over Malware Conspiracy

26th August 2020 | Target: Tesla | Reported Here

The FBI has arrested a Russian tourist in America, who investigators say offered a Tesla employee $1 million to infect company computers with malware in a scheme to steal data and extort payment from the company.

Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov, 27, was arrested last week in Los Angeles and federally charged with conspiracy to damage a protected computer, after the Tesla employee alerted the company and the FBI.


[above via Dailymail post] Update 1 


Data Firm Exposes 235 Million Social Media Profiles

19th August 2020 | Target: Social Media App | Reported Here

A Hong Kong-registered company that sells data on social media influencers has exposed as many as 235 million user profiles scraped from Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube on the web without a password or any other authentication required to access it, according to a report by British research firm Comparitech.

Security researcher Bob Diachenko, who leads Comparitech’s cybersecurity research team, uncovered three identical copies of a database which included names, contact information, images and statistics about followers on August 1, Comparitech said in the report on Wednesday.


[above via SCMP post] Update 1 


Experian South Africa discloses data breach impacting 24 million customers

19th August 2020 | Target: Experian | Reported Here

Experian has suffered a major breach of customers’ personal information, affecting an estimated 24 million South Africans and nearly 800,000 businesses.

The credit reporting agency revealed in a statement yesterday that an individual fraudulently claimed to represent one of its client and then requested “services” from the firm, prompting the release of the data.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1 


Jack Daniel’s-Maker Suffers REvil Ransomware Breach

17th August 2020 | Target: Jack Daniel’s | Reported Here

US wine and spirits giant Brown-Forman has become the most current big-name model to put up with a really serious ransomware-connected data breach, cyber-criminals have claimed.

The Jack Daniel’s-maker has released few particulars about the incident but claimed it productively prevented attackers from encrypting its documents.


[above via The Cyber Security post] Update 1 


Looting Causes Data Breach at Walgreens

14th August 2020 | Target: Walgreens | Reported Here

The personal health information (PHI) of over 72,000 Walgreens customers has been exposed after looters broke into nearly 200 stores and stole prescriptions.

America’s second-largest pharmaceutical chain contacted impacted customers in July to disclose the data breach. Walgreens spokesperson Jim Cohn told the Philadelphia Inquirer that 180 Walgreens stores had been looted but declined to state which specific ones.


[above via Nationalcybersecuritynews post]


Capital One Fined $80m for 2019 Breach

6th August 2020 | Target: Capital One | Reported Here

Capital One has been fined $80m following its breach last year.

According to a statement from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), these actions were taken against Capital One “based on the bank’s failure to establish effective risk assessment processes prior to migrating significant information technology operations to the public cloud environment and the bank’s failure to correct the deficiencies in a timely manner”.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1 / Update 2


Online Exam Tool Suffers Data Breach

6th August 2020 | Target: ProctorU | Reported Here

A malware author has pleaded guilty to conspiracy for his role in a transnational cybercrime organization responsible for stealing over $568m.

Valerian Chiochiu, a.k.a. “Onassis,” “Flagler,” “Socrate,” and “Eclessiastes,” admitted being involved with one of the largest cyber-fraud enterprises ever created that victimized Americans in all 50 states and millions globally.


[above via Hackread post] Update 1


Malware Author Admits Role in $568m Cyber-Fraud

3rd August 2020 | Target: Multiple Businesses and Individuals | Reported Here

A malware author has pleaded guilty to conspiracy for his role in a transnational cybercrime organization responsible for stealing over $568m.

Valerian Chiochiu, a.k.a. “Onassis,” “Flagler,” “Socrate,” and “Eclessiastes,” admitted being involved with one of the largest cyber-fraud enterprises ever created that victimized Americans in all 50 states and millions globally.


[above via Cyberreport post]


Havenly Breach Hits In excess of 1.3 Million Accounts

2nd August 2020 | Target: Havenly | Reported Here

Havenly has become the latest online firm to suffer a serious breach of customer data after hackers published the information for free on the dark web.

Notorious dark web trader ShinyHunters was spotted last week posting the data of nearly 1.4 million accounts online.

They’re said to be part of a much bigger 386 million record trove including data from customers of Dave, Promo and HomeChef, which has been previously disclosed.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1


Business giant Dussmann Group’s data leaked after ransomware attack

30th July 2020 | Target: Dussmann Group | Reported Here

Dussmann Group has confirmed that one of their subsidiaries, Dresdner Kühlanlagenbau GmbH (DKA), recently suffered a ransomware attack and data was stolen.

Dussmann Group is the largest multi-service provider in Germany having subsidiaries focusing on facility management, corporate childcare, nursing and care for the elderly, and business systems solutions, including HVAC, electrical work, and elevators.


[above via Cybersafe post] Update 1


Drizly Breach Hits 2.5 Million Customer Accounts

29th July 2020 | Target: Drizly | Reported Here

Alcohol delivery startup Drizly has suffered a major breach of customer data, with nearly 2.5 million accounts compromised in an incident discovered earlier this month.

The firm — which describes itself as the world’s largest marketplace for beers, wines and spirits — partners with retail stores in over 100 North American cities.


[above via Infosecurity post] Update 1 / Update 2


Promo Data Breach Hits 14.6 Million User Accounts

29th July 2020 | Target: Promo | Reported Here, a video creation platform for businesses and agencies, has confirmed a data breach after bad actors posted a database containing 22 million user records on a hacking forum.

The award-winning video maker, which is partnered with social media venues such as Facebook and Instagram, allows users to create an unlimited number of promotional videos that can be shared online.


[above via Securityboulevard post]


Twitter Confirms 130 Accounts Hacked

17th July 2020 | Target: Canadians | Reported Here

Twitter said late on Thursday that hackers targeted about 130 accounts during the cyberattack this week, an incident in which profiles of many prominent personalities and organizations were compromised.

Hackers had accessed Twitter’s internal systems to hijack some of the platform’s top voices, including U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, former U.S. President Barack Obama, and billionaire Elon Musk, and used them to solicit digital currency.


[above via Venturebeat post] Update 1


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