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Ryuk Ransomware operators made $34 million from one victim

7th November 2020 | Target: Multiple Individuals and Firms | Reported Here

One hacker neighborhood that’s concentrating on excessive-revenue companies with Ryuk ransomware obtained $34 million from one sufferer in alternate for the decryption key that unlocked their computers.

The menace actor is extremely proficient at gripping laterally interior a compromised community and erasing as grand of their tracks as possible sooner than detonating Ryuk ransomware.


[above via Gisttree post]  


US Seizes $1bn from Silk Road Crypto Account

5th November 2020 | Target: Silk Road Crypto Account | Reported Here

The United States has seized more than $1bn in cryptocurrency believed to be proceeds from a defunct online marketplace that was notorious for selling unlawful goods and services.

On November 5, the Department of Justice filed a civil complaint to seek the forfeiture of thousands of Bitcoins seized by law enforcement on November 3, 2020, from an account associated with Silk Road. The seizure represents the largest confiscation of cryptocurrency in the department’s history.


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Italian beverage vendor Campari knocked offline after ransomware attack

5th November 2020 | Target: Campari Reported Here

Beverage giant Campari Group has become the latest big-name brand to suffer an apparent ransomware attack forcing IT services offline.

The Italian firm issued a statement on Tuesday claiming it was hit by a malware attack “presumably” on Sunday November 1.

“The groups IT department, with the support of IT security experts, immediately took action to limit the spread of malware in data and systems,” it added.


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US Seizes $24M in Crypto as Part of Brazilian Probe Into $200M Fraud Scheme

5th November 2020 | Target: Brazilian Businesses | Reported Here

Acting on request of the government of Brazil, U.S. authorities seized virtual currency worth an estimated US$24 million which Brazilian authorities claim are proceeds of a fraudulent scheme, the Justice Department announced Wednesday.

The Department said Brazil asked “for assistance in connection with a large cryptocurrency fraud scheme in a Brazilian federal police investigation called Operation Egypto.”


[above via Occrp post] Update 1 / Update 2


Montreal Metro Hacker Demands $2.8m Ransom

29th October 2020 | Target: Montreal’s transit agency | Reported Here

A hacker behind the recent ransomware attack on Montreal’s transit agency, that shut down 624 operationally sensitive servers, has demanded $2.8 million in ransom to restore normal operations.

The ransomware attack resulted in the shutdown of around 1,000 of 1,600 servers operated by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), the transit agency of Montreal. While normal bus and metro services were not affected, the reservation system for adapted transit went offline and so did the STM’s website.


[above via Teiss post] Update 1  


US Army Base’s Twitter Account Hacked

22nd October 2020 | Target: US Army’s | Reported Here

A malicious hacker has been blamed for a series of lewd messages that emanated from the social media account of a US military base on Wednesday.

Followers of Fort Bragg’s official Twitter account were surprised by the sexual content of a number of tweets that began to appear at around 4:30pm ET.


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M&S Boss Spoofed in Gift Voucher Scam

21st October 2020 | Target: Marks and Spencer (M&S) | Reported Here

Criminals are impersonating the boss of a major British multinational retailer to trick victims into sharing their bank account details.

Posing as Marks & Spencer CEO Steve Rowe, the scammers have posted fraudulent adverts online that promise victims the chance to win a gift voucher as part of a fictitious prize draw promotion.

When victims click on the link in the ad, they are taken to an M&S-branded portal and asked to provide their name, address, mobile phone number, and bank details including SORT code and account number.


[above via Startupdigital post] Update 1 / Update 2


Iran Reports Two Major Cyber-Attacks

14th October 2020 | Target: Iranian Government | Reported Here

Iran on Wednesday reported a “large-scale” cyberattack against two unspecified government institutions.

A spokesperson quoted by the official IRNA news agency said the attack did not cause any significant damage and was being investigated. He said the country has dealt with larger attacks in the past.


[above via Times Of Israel post] Update 1 / Update 2


Barnes & Noble hit by cyberattack that exposed customer data

14th October 2020 | Target: Barnes & Noble | Reported Here

American bookseller Barnes & Noble has been hit by cyber-criminals the day after resolving a connection issue with its Nook e-reader service.

The beleaguered bookstore has been emailing customers since Monday to notify them of the attack and warn them that their data may have been compromised.

“It is with the greatest regret we inform you that we were made aware on October 10, 2020, that Barnes & Noble had been the victim of a cybersecurity attack, which resulted in unauthorized and unlawful access to certain Barnes & Noble corporate systems,” states the notification email.


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Hackney council hit by cyber attack

13th October 2020 | Target: Hackney Council | Reported Here

IT systems and resident-facing services at Hackney Council in London are currently offline following an apparent cyber security incident.

The council said its investigation was ongoing and provided no further details of exactly what has transpired, although it described it as a “serious cyber attack”.

Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville said: “Our focus is on continuing to deliver essential frontline services, especially to our most vulnerable residents, and protecting data, while restoring affected services as soon as possible.


[above via Computer Weekly post] Update 1 / Update 2