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Altsbit Claims it has Been Hacked

7th February 2020 | Target: Altsbit | Reported Here

Cyber-criminals have stolen “almost all funds” entrusted to crypto exchange platform Altsbit.

The Italian exchange announced it had become the target of a devastating hack yesterday on Twitter. According to their posts, criminals made off with 1,066 Komodo (KMD) tokens and 283,375 Verus (VRSC) “coins” with a combined value of $27,000.

Funds kept in cold storage—crypto coins whose private keys are stored on devices that exist in an offline environment—were not swiped in the cyber-heist.


[above via Info Security post] – Update 1 / Update 2


Canadian insurance company lost nearly US$1M in ransomware attack

30th January 2020 | Target: Insurance Company | Reported Here

Canadian insurance company lost nearly US$1M in ransomware attack

Computers at a Canadian insurance company were disabled for more than one week due to a ransomware attack that resulted in a payout of nearly US$1 million.


[above via Headtopics post] 


Canadian Teen Charged for $50 Million Cryptocurrency Theft

17th January 2020 | Target: Cryptocurrency | Reported Here

An eighteen-year-old from Montreal is facing four criminal charges connected to a $50 million SIM-swapping scam targeting cryptocurrency holders, Infosecurity Magazine reported on Jan. 17.

The hacker, Samy Bensaci, is accused by Canadian authorities of being part of a ring that stole millions of dollars in cryptocurrency from American and Canadian holders. The theft is said to have occurred in spring of 2018, with Québec police representative Hugo Fournier saying that the hackers were responsible for the theft of “$50 million from our neighbors to the south and $300,000 in Canada.”


[above via Coin Telegraph post] – Update 1


New Orleans Mayor: Ransomware Attack Cost City $7 Million

16th January 2020 | Target: New Orleans | Reported Here

A ransomware attack on New Orleans has racked up at least $7 million in financial damage to The City That Care Forgot, its mayor said.

New Orleans was able to get back $3 million through a cyber insurance policy, the mayor told WVUE, which also cited Chief Administrative Officer Gilbert Montano as saying the city has an IT backlog in the wake of the December attack.


[above via Sc Magazine post]


Texas school district lost $2.3 million in a phishing email scam

12th January 2020 | Target: Manor School | Reported Here

The Manor Independent School District fell victim to an apparent phishing scam to the tune of $2.3 million.

Officials for the Texas school system did not release many details other than to say in a January 10 statement posted on Facebook that the incident was caused by a phishing email and that the local police and FBI are currently working the case.

The Manor Police Department told CNN the scam included three separate fraudulent transactions that took place in November.


[above via Sc Magazine post] – Update 1


Albany airport pays ransom after hit by cyber hackers

10th January 2020 | Target: Albany Airport | Reported Here

Albany International Airport announced this week that its administrative computers had been locked down by a crypto virus on Christmas Day.

Airline, air traffic control and Transportation Security Administration computers all were not affected, so safety and security were never at risk, the Albany County Airport Authority said in a news release issued Friday.


[above via Daily Gazette post] – Update 1


UK Banks Foiled by Travelex Ransomware Attack

8th January 2020 | Target: Travelex | Reported Here

The New Year’s Eve cyber-attack on currency exchange bureau Travelex is disrupting services for UK bank customers.

Travelex took all its systems offline as a precautionary measure after being hit by what it initially described as a “software virus” on December 31. On January 7, the company released a statement fingering the culprit as a type of ransomware known as Sodinokibi and also commonly referred to as REvil.


[above via Info -Security post] – Update 1


UK Banks Foiled by Travelex Ransomware Attack

7th January 2020 | Target: Google | Reported Here

The incidents in question had exposed the data of over 10 million users.
The proposed settlement fund will be diverted to pay class claimants and attorney’s fees and costs.
Google has agreed to pay $7.5 million to settle class-action lawsuits filed against the company over Google+ data breach incidents. The incidents in question had exposed the data of over 10 million users.


[above via Cyware post] – Update 1


‘Serious cyber-attack’ on Austria’s foreign ministry

5th January 2020 | Target: Austrian Foreign Ministry | Reported Here

The Austrian Foreign Ministry sounded the alarm bells of an ongoing “serious cyber-attack” that started in the late hours of Saturday January 4, 2019. Considering the signatures and the pattern of the attack, experts suggest this cyber-attack could possibly be carried out by a state sponsored threat actor. The attack, which began on Saturday night, was continuing and, “as per experts it could last several days,” a foreign ministry spokesman added.


[above via Ciso-Mag post] – Update 1


Six Customers Affected by Ransomware Attack on CyrusOne

5th December 2020 | Target: CyrusOne | Reported Here

Six New York-area managed service customers of data center provider giant CyrusOne have been affected by a ransomware attack.

These managed service clients have experienced availability issues due to a ransomware program encrypting certain devices in their network, a spokesperson for Dallas-based CyrusOne said in a statement. The company said it’s currently working with law enforcement and forensics firms to investigate the attack, as well as with the involved customers to restore their affected systems.


[above via Crn post] – Update 1/ Update 2