Invest in Phishing Awareness Training for Your Employees

Teach your employees how to identify and catch phishing attacks.

Often, it’s about tricking human beings into divulging the secrets that security systems are trying to protect. The social engineering aspect of cyber security is as important as the technological one. Phishing is one of the most common methods social engineers use to defraud their targets. There is no way to secure your business without training your employees to identify phishing attack attempts.

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Our easy-to-understand cyber security awareness training program includes the following features

Phishing 101

An Introduction to Phishing, How It Works, and How to Prevent It.

Social Engineering 101

How to Recognize and Mitigate Social Engineering Attacks

Infosec 101

IT Security Made Easy: Security Basics for Non-Technical Users

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Keep Up With Employee Progress with Our Dedicated Training Portal

Our mobile-friendly training portal allows users to complete their studies on any device. Every employee has access to a unique portal and dashboard. Users can take these 100% online security education courses at any time they wish.

Our training platform is designed to minimize disruption to employee productivity.


Get Up-to-the-Minute Reports on Every User

Use our comprehensive reporting tool to obtain real-time data on each employees’ progress through the security training curriculum. Group employees by department and delegate managers to oversee progress in order to make sure every employee is up-to-date.

Our reports compile data in real-time and support automated email reminders for late users.


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Automatically Enroll Employees Who Fail Phishing Simulation Tests

Our security curriculum works in tandem with our phishing simulation package. Run tests on your employees to determine your overall security resilience and automatically assign security courses to users who fail the tests.

Employees who fail phishing simulation tests represent a serious risk to the entire organization. Our auto-enroll feature makes sure that each employee gets the training they need as quickly as possible.


Streamline Training From Start to Finish

Our training platform starts with the fundamentals of cyber security awareness and progresses to advanced concepts in a streamlined manner. Incentivize your employees to dive into our comprehensive library of advanced security courses.

We offer targeted phishing awareness training that addresses some of the unique challenges that every industry faces. Our vast library also includes security courses from other vendors.


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Customize Your Own Course

Our flexible system can help you create training courses on a wide variety of subjects not just cyber security awareness. Feel free to customize an existing course to meet your needs, or create a new course altogether. You can easily create your own questions and answers for organization-specific training modules.


Invest in Repeat Testing and Continuing Education

Two out of every three cases of cyber espionage begin with a phishing email. Keeping your employees informed on the latest developments in the world of cyber security will help you keep your business and its customers safe.

Your employees are the front line of defense against phishing attacks, data breaches, and ransomware. A well-trained workforce will present far better resistance to sophisticated phishing attacks. We highly recommend combining our cyber security training curriculum with our Phishing Simulator package to guarantee best-in-class defense against the latest threats.