Spear Phishing Prevention

Phish Protection provides enterprise-class email protection at small business prices

Spear phishing is prevalent and costly

Spear phishing has been associated with the largest cyber-attacks in history. Over 76% of companies surveyed said they experienced a spear phishing attack.

The average cost of a spear phishing attack costs a mid-size company $1.6 million, but the hit to the company’s reputation could be worse. After a company is breached, 60% of customers think about moving and 30% actually will.

Spear phishing prevention is better than spear phishing protection

The best way to protect your organization from spear phishing is to prevent malicious emails from making it to the inbox. Phish Protection’s cloud-based technology screens and quarantines threatening emails BEFORE they reach your company.

Whether you have an on-premise email server or use a hosted solution like Office 365, using a cloud-based service to pre-screen emails before they cross your company’s perimeter is the enterprise approach to layered security.

Enterprise-class requires two stages of protection

It’s not good enough to just check emails upon arrival. Because attackers can send seemingly safe emails that later turn malicious, links in emails must be checked in real time.

Phish Protection’s Advanced Threat Defense checks links in emails when they’re clicked. Every time they’re clicked. So, you’re protected from time-delayed spear phishing techniques—the most sophisticated approach employed by attackers today.

Enterprise-class requires more than email screening

Linked-to websites should be scanned for on-page content, hidden fields and threatening JavaScript. They should also be compared to Fortune 5000 websites, bank websites and other frequently-used websites.

Phish Protection employs scanning technology to develop a decisioning score for every linked-to website. The score is an indicator as to how likely the linked-to website is to be malicious. This is the kind of advanced capability large enterprises expect from their email security solution.


Enterprise-class features without the enterprise price

For one low monthly price and no per-user fees, Phish Protection’s integrated solution protects your employees from malicious email. 24x7. On any device. With features you’d expect from more expensive solutions:

All Plans Come With

  • Stop threatening emails before they reach your inbox
  • Continuous link checking
  • Real-time website scanning
  • Real time alerts to users and administrators
  • Check 6 URL reputation databases
  • Protection with settings you control
  • Protection against zero day vulnerabilities
  • Complete situational awareness from a single web-based console

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