Cloud-based storage is a wonderful thing. Being able to store your files and retrieve them from anywhere boosts productivity. It should come as no surprise then that Microsoft entered the cloud-based storage arena back in 2007. It should also come as no surprise that Microsoft’s cloud-storage product, called OneDrive, is the target of and vehicle for, phishing attacks. Afterall, Microsoft is the second favorite target of phishing attacks.

According to a recent article on Hoax-Slayer, the latest phishing scam is one that includes a “Secured OneDrive File. ” From the article, “ The emails are phishing scams designed to steal your Microsoft Account login credentials . The names of the supposed senders in the emails may vary.

If you click the Download Document link you will be taken to a OneDrive for Business document sharing page. Because the landing page is on the genuine OneDrive website, you may be convinced that the document you are about to access is legitimate. It’s only when you click the Access Document link that the trouble starts.

Clicking the link takes you to a phishing website that claims that you must enter your Microsoft Account email address and password before you can access the document. The fake site has been designed so that it looks like it belongs to Microsoft. But, alas, there is no document. After you enter your account credentials, you may be automatically redirected to the genuine OneDrive or Office 365 website.”

The phishing scams never stop coming and they never stop evolving. They use the products and services you use most to trick you when you’re distracted. It sure would be nice if there were a simple solution to this increasingly complex problem. Turns out, there is.

It’s called Phish Protection, and it protects you from every phishing technique imaginable. It does so with Smart Quarantine protection, display name spoofing protection, domain name spoofing protection and real-time link click protection .

Phish Protection will protect you from the OneDrive phishing scam , because when you click on the Download Document link, it will scan the website, see that it is malicious and prevent you from reaching it ( and getting scammed).

Phish Protection is cloud-based , which means there’s no hardware, software or maintenance. It also means it sets up in 10 minutes and is offered at extremely attractive rates. How attractive? How about pennies per month per email.

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