10 Best Tools For Phishing Prevention To Avert Threat Actors From Getting Access To Your Enterprise’s Information Assets

Learn how to strengthen the organization’s cybersecurity with the best phishing prevention tools.

Phishing happens to be one of the prevalent methods for cyberattacks. No enterprise can underestimate its malicious potential, considering the adverse consequences in the information age. Besides organization information, it is also a threat to sensitive customer data, tarnishing the corporate image. It can appear in various forms, including spear-phishing and whaling. The reason for phishing to remain one of the most common means of cyberattacks is its ability to bypass several endpoint protections and networks. Some of the most effective phishing prevention tools that can overcome such vulnerabilities and significantly mitigate the risk are listed below.


PhishProtection is an effective software for phishing prevention, offering a wide range of security features. With real-time integration involving six databases, protection for on-prem and hosted emails, URL and attachment scanning, and countering phishing attempts through vendor or domain impersonation, this tool has everything you need in a comprehensive phishing prevention solution. For an additional fee, they also provide simulation and training for employees, which are the first line of defense of any organization’s cybersecurity posture.


RSA FraudAction

One of the most popular phishing prevention tools, RSA FraudAction, is specialized in detecting and preventing phishing attempts, Trojans, and rogue websites. It scans millions of URLs continuously, including new websites, and blacklists and disables the malicious ones found. It identifies rogue social media pages and prevents spoofing attempts.


Barracuda Sentinel

As a useful phishing prevention tool, Barracuda Sentinel seamlessly integrates with Office 365 and finds threats that are already present in the inbox. This function is besides monitoring the incoming emails. It identifies vulnerable accounts and leverage AI-based threat detection to prevent malicious attempts in the incoming messages. Sentinel quickly detects the threats that overcome the email gateway protection. It deletes vulnerable emails transferred among internal users and also notifies external recipients.



IronScales is a sophisticated and self-learning phishing prevention tool. It combines human interaction and AI-oriented identification to prevent phishing attempts, including BEC (Business Email Compromise). It has tools to predict how a future attack will look. IronScales can detect zero-day and file-less attacks and quickly respond in real-time automatically. It leverages analysis linked to global networks and includes user training features for simulation.


Sophos Email

Sophos Email is a phishing prevention tool with robust AI and policy-oriented identification of attacks. It enables users to manage their accounts securely by using behavioral analysis to prevent phishing and ransomware attacks. Besides blocking and quarantining suspicious emails, it also tags with a subject-line message or links them to a user’s blocklist. Besides, it comes with a simulation-based training feature to reduce threats. The tool is user-friendly and offers a comprehensive degree of protection in multiple languages. Most importantly, it incorporates predictive technology to block attacks before they reach any network.


CloudGuard SaaS

CloudGuard SaaS by Check Point is an innovative anti-phishing tool that is becoming highly useful as more and more people use public cloud-based platforms. It protects inbound, outbound, and internal email traffic from the clutches of phishing threats in Office 365 and G Suite. CloudGuard traps all malicious attempts that manage to overcome the protection provided by the email gateways and primary platforms. It analyzes historical emails using API integration and trains itself using AI and Indicators of Compromise (IoC) from the past to extend protection from malicious intrusions.



Mimecast offers a robust platform for email phishing prevention. It comes with a complete set of features to protect an enterprise from phishing attacks, BEC, domain spoofing, and supply chain impersonation. The Mimecast package includes email service backup for the organization and ensures that one would not lose vital contacts and data stored in emails if an attack takes place. It is API-enabled, which helps in seamless integration and scalability. The software also includes training solutions for users.


Cofense Vision

Vision is an innovative anti-phishing solution from Cofense that is flexible to be used on-premise or with different platforms like AWS and Azure. It supports both standard SMTP and journaling and gives importance to regulatory compliance. A phishing attempt that bypasses the email gateway is detected in minutes and reported promptly. The detected phishing emails are quarantined or destroyed before they cause any harm. An auto-quarantine option can be set to manage threats automatically and initiate an action across the organization.


Microsoft Office 365 Defender

Microsoft Office 365 Defender is a popular email security service, presently deployed by corporate users in large numbers. The tool comes with advanced anti-phishing technology, capable of automating investigations. With attack simulation and other protective features, it ensures safe attachments and links. It indicates that the protection lasts throughout the life of the message. With every click, the link will be evaluated and re-processed for vulnerabilities.


BrandShield Anti-Phishing

A powerful tool for phishing prevention, BrandShield Anti-Phishing has already gained trust. This tool proves handy with a wide range of capabilities, preserving reputation by brand protection. Its comprehensive tool-set watches specific areas to locate phishing sites. Its intelligent mechanism is efficient in detecting spoofing. The BrandShield tool comes loaded with features like blacklists and securing digital assets from malicious websites.

Here are the details of all the ten services summarized for you to make an informed decision:

Phishing Prevention Service Features Price
PhishProtection Intelligence & detailed reporting which is easy to comprehend
Real-time access to mailing queues and activity logs
Access management for admins
Email Integration support with third-party apps
Prevention of data loss
Blocking and allowing different kinds of lists
Archiving of emails for compliance
Advanced threat protection
Protection against Domain Name Spoofing
Blocking Malicious Attachments
A quote can be requested per your requirements
RSA FraudAction Early monitoring and detection
Real-time reporting and alerts
Exclusive network for blocking websites
Credential recovery
Mule account extraction
Blacklisting rogue apps
$1,169.99/ year covering six attacks
Barracuda Sentinel Removal of emails from the inboxes of users
Dispatching alerts
Automated response to incidents
Real-time forensics and reporting
Identifying users interacting with apprehensive emails
Reporting suspicious messages
Preventing domain frauds
$8 for 1 user/ month and $150/ year for 5 users
Iron Scales Automated elimination of phishing attacks
Strengthening networks to detect and neutralize attacks
Enhancing user awareness to mitigate the number of clicks
Automating the process of detecting malicious attachments and URL
Eliminating malicious attachments and URLs on inbound mails
Enhanced sender authentication
$5/ mailbox
Sophos Email Scanning of inbound and outbound messages
Anti-virus filters
Real-time protection while clicking URLs
Comprehensive logs and pricing
Security against spam and ransomware
Starting from $22.50 annually/ user
CloudGuard SaaS Protection for cloud-based users
Inbound, outbound, and internal email protection
Protects Office 365 and G Suite
API Integration
Leverages AI and IoC (Indicators of Compromise)
$59.99/ year per user
Mimecast Protects the email gateway
Internal protection for emails
Email Continuity
Training & awareness
Targeted protection against threats
Recovery and syncing
Privacy Pack
Starts from $3/ month per user
Cofense Vision Works with AWS, Azure, and on-premise
Rapid phishing detection and quarantine
Highly automated email analysis
Supports standard SMTP and journaling
Automated responses to attacks
Auto-quarantine option
(Price not public)
Microsoft Office 365 ATP Mailbox intelligence for anti-phishing features
Secure attachments and links
AIR (Automated investigation and response)
Integration of Microsoft 365 DefenderAttack simulator
$2 per user/month (annual subscription)
BrandShield Anti-Phishing Anti-phishing features for social media and web
Brand protection (along with the logo and other digital assets)
Anti-counterfeiting features
Executive impersonation mitigation
(Price not public)


Final Words

In the digital age, phishing prevention must be a priority for any organization. Enterprises have realized the importance of thinking beyond their interests in terms of security. Counterfeiting websites and phishing attacks on customers’ data can stain the corporate image significantly. Such considerations have been compelling most organizations to deploy robust anti-phishing tools to secure themselves from vulnerabilities.

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  • Stops brand forgery emails
  • Stop threatening emails before they reach the inbox
  • Continuous link checking
  • Real-time website scanning
  • Real time alerts to users and administrators
  • Protection with settings you control
  • Protection against zero day vulnerabilities
  • Complete situational awareness from web-based console

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