Netflix, the popular online entertainment and video streaming site, has millions of subscribers and hence is a tempting target for the cybercriminals that look to hack into email accounts to gain illegitimate access to services. When they target many, even a small percentage of success could mean something significant. 

Unlike massive bank robberies online by cybercriminals for money or a reconnaissance attempt to steal strategic data from large corporates, hacking Netflix does comparatively less harm if they are only looking for free Netflix account information using stolen passwords to binge watch programs streamed. However, we can never be sure if anyone is putting up Netflix accounts for sale online that can help someone open Netflix accounts for cheap prices or even a Netflix account hacked list itself. Talk about black market Netflix! Besides, you cannot rule out chances of your ending up sharing confidential financial information with the Netflix hackers, though it usually happens when you have to open new Netflix user accounts.


How Are Netflix Accounts Hacked

To hack into Netflix is child’s play for cybercriminals. They know how to hack a Netflix password in a matter of minutes. They use a specific mode of cyber-intrusion called ‘phishing.’ In the most prevalent method of Netflix hacking, without phishing protection solution you receive a fake email or a text message that pretends to be from Netflix. It gives you a link that takes you to the Netflix account login page. In truth, it is only a fake Netflix accounts login page by hackers looking for a Netflix login hack. They know how to hack accounts in no time. If you type in your user ID and password on it, these cybercriminals get the details, and later use them to log in to your Netflix account. This is how the hackers snatch your emails and passwords for Netflix.

Once they get your credentials, they can log into your account from any location using any streaming device like laptop, tab, mobile, or television. Thousands of Netflix accounts have fallen prey to such attacks from hackers who are always on the lookout for how to hack into Netflix. The current situation is such that on any random day you may pose the question ‘Was Netflix hacked today?’ and the answer is invariably an emphatic ‘Yes!’


What Precautions And Actions Can You Take

  • Never click on a link in an email that looks like a ‘Netflix scam’ or a text to visit the Netflix site. Instead, type the URL directly on the web address bar. Fake URLs may take you to a fake Netflix accounts login page where you might give away your credit card details to sign up for Netflix free trial hack.
  • Also, never download any attachment from a suspicious email. It could well be someone on the lookout for how to hack into an email.
  • If you stream Netflix on a TV anywhere outside your home, make sure to disconnect Netflix when you leave the place to prevent any misuse.
  • If your Netflix got hacked, inform Netflix immediately. Netflix’ disconnect devices’ option may be used by clicking on ‘Sign out of all devices’ from the menu to disconnect any devices which may be using your account from other locations.
  • You must also change your password. You may even delete your account altogether and reactivate Netflix account with a new account.


Good ways to avoid these type of phishing hacks in the future, is to get protection against ransomware and a reliable outbound SMTP solution. You may want to check out PhishProtection for protection ransomware services and this page on SMTP outbound solutions.


How To Know If You Are Hacked

If your query is ‘How do I know if my Netflix account got hacked?’ here are some tips. 

    • In your Netflix account, go to the ‘Viewing activity’ section where you can see the recent activity. If you find something displayed there as watched by you when you have not, you can be sure you are looking at a hacked Netflix account. 
    • However, a hacker could easily erase indications such as the above. In that case, you may check the ‘Recent device streaming activity’ to check any fake Netflix logins from a different location. 
    • In case the hacker looking for cheap Netflix hacks has changed the username and password, then you are locked out which is a clear sign of a cyberattack.


What Is Netflix’s Stand On All This

Netflix is well aware of all these cyberattacks going on. Since almost all such instances are due to the vulnerability on the user’s part in handling their Netflix accounts, there is not much Netflix will be able to do. We must consider the following points to be representative of the Netflix stand on such Netflix password hack incidents.

  • Netflix has always been encouraging the customers to reach back to them immediately to report Netflix phishing incidents compromising their accounts, and are ready to offer a speedy solution for any Netflix hack.
  • Netflix maintains a dedicated help page with instructions of what to do in case some prowler looking to hack Netflix has made an attempt on a user’s account.
  • Netflix does not display the users’ full credit card numbers even to the user themselves on the page, thus thwarting any attempt by hackers to hack Netflix accounts to steal credit card details. Also, they only handle credit card details after ‘tokenization’ for added safety. 
  • However, there have been criticisms from cybersecurity experts about the lack of a two-factor authentication feature for Netflix accounts, unlike Google or Facebook which could deter threats significantly. 



No network is safe in today’s dynamic digital world. Digital giants have all had to face massive attacks at one point of time or the other from cybercriminals that only think of how to hack accounts, in spite of all countermeasures and safeguards. Any number of Netflix hacked accounts are out there, which is proof that Netflix is no different. Big corporates can afford expensive training programs and safeguards in place. However, a significant part of the vulnerability lies with the end users that fail to see potential hackers looking for answers to how to hack Netflix passwords and accounts all the time. Only the nurturing of an online culture of every internet user can protect them from attackers looking for free Netflix account information. A massive program for generating awareness covering wide demography is perhaps the solution of the hour