If it’s a popular consumer service, you can bet that eventually, hackers will use it in phishing attacks. First it was Netflix, then it was Instagram and then Google and now Spotify.

Almost all communication with the services you use today is via email. Hackers know it, and that’s why phishing attacks aren’t going away any time soon. This time, it’s hackers going after Spotify customers with a phishing email that warns you that your payment didn’t go through.

According to 9News, the email arrives “Complete with the Spotify username and branding, the email advises customers their account has been suspended as payment couldn’t be made.”

The email goes on to say “We’re sad to see you go. We couldn’t take your payment, so we have paused your subscription for now. You will start hearing ads and you can no longer listen to your favorite songs offline. The good news is Premium is just a click away.”

Of course the hackers make it easy for you to get phished. “A button is provided for customers to reactivate premium Spotify, with unsuspecting recipients who click the link being led to a fake Spotify-branded phishing page that asks for their login details. Upon completion, victims are led to two further pages asking for credit card and address information, before being taken to a Spotify page containing a 404 error.”

There’s nothing particularly clever about this phishing attack, other than it preys on victims’ desire to keep their music playing. You can protect yourself from this phishing attack and others like it with cloud-based email security from PhishProtection.com

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