The newest Star Wars movie due out this week, The Rise of Skywalker, could just as easily be titled The Rise of Hackers, because they’re using the release of the over-hyped movie to target fans with a phishing attack.

As reported in SC Magazine, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is just being released into theaters today but cybercriminals were already assembling fake websites and social media profiles to deliver malware to fans, instead of something useful like the Death Star’s plans.”

Furthermore, “Kaspersky researchers have found 30 fraudulent websites and social media profiles disguised as official movie accounts advertising free copies of the film, but in fact collect credit card data under the pretense of registering for the ability to download or view the movie. So far, 83 users have already been affected by 65 malicious files disguised as copies of the upcoming movie.”

This isn’t the first time that hackers have used the most hyped entertainment event to target victims in a phishing attack. Earlier this year, hackers used the excitement around the Game of Thrones to target fans of the popular TV show. And the tactics used in that attack were eerily similar to the ones targeting Star Wars fans. There they used official-looking websites to try and steal personal information and credit card numbers. Sound familiar?

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