At the end of the day, most phishing emails are based on the same thing: a plausible financial transaction. An email shows up, it involves a financial transaction you’re been expecting, you don’t give it another thought, you get phished.

The latest phishing scam is an email targeting homeowners seeking to secure a loan to purchase their home. According to Komo News, “It’s from someone using the name Larry Conrad with First American Title in Phoenix, Arizona. The greeting doesn’t address you by name but only says Hello—that’s your first clue. It says the loan has been cleared to close and the preliminary closing documents are attached.”

To make things more convincing, ironically, “the fraudster includes a bold warning about the growing problem of real estate wire fraud to gain your trust.

As things turned out, First American Title in Phoenix is a legitimate company. And the phone number and address in the email are correct. But, there is one clue to the scam, if you know what to look for. It’s called domain name spoofing, and if you’re smart enough to hover your mouse over the embedded link, you’ll notice that it does NOT link to First American Title. It no doubt links to the fraudsters website, where they’ll collect your personal information, or worse, con you out of some of your money.

If you receive such an email, would you know to hover your mouse over the embedded link or would you just click on it? Maybe, maybe not. Some people know to always check embedded links, but not everyone. And that’s why the best course of action is to let technology check the link for you, so no matter how convincing the email, you’ll be protected.

It’s called Phish Protection, and it was designed to stop problems just like this. Whether it’s domain name spoofing, display name spoofing or malicious attachments, Phish Protection protects you and everyone in your organization from all the latest phishing scams.

With Smart Quarantine protection, real-time link click protection and simple dashboard control, you’ll never have to worry about phishing. And since Phish Protection is cloud-based, you can be up and protected in just 10 minutes.

Phish Protection includes 24/7 live technical support and only costs pennies per account per month. Try it free for 30 days and close that home loan with confidence.