Phish protection technology is needed more than ever for fans of the wildly popular TV show Game of Thrones. Scammers are out there with official-looking websites trying to steal everything from personal information to credit card numbers. According to Checkpoint Research, “The fraudulent websites exploit the popularity of the brand to display ads, acquire personal information or convince the user to install an unwanted program. These fraudulent websites mostly include sites requesting personal information for marketing opportunities, and fake streaming sites, requesting the user to download a browser add-on and provide personal information, while no streaming content is displayed at the end of the process.”

It gets worse. According to Checkpoint, “Another example aims to dishonestly collect credit card details of users by posing as an official Game of Thrones merchandise store.

The common advice to avoid these kinds of scams includes

1) think before you click,

2) make sure the site is secure (https) and

3) check the site’s domain to see if it matches what you’re expecting to visit.

All of these recommendations are sound, but if they actually worked, nobody would ever get phished. And as we know, that just isn’t so.

Everyone knows, before they get in their car, not to speed. Yet, almost everyone does. Why? Because we’re human. We do things that aren’t good for us even when we KNOW they’re not good for us, like speed and click on links without thinking.

Phishing isn’t a technology exploit, it’s a human exploit.

And expecting a human to be the solution to human weakness is naïve. It takes technology to stop the human exploit. Technology that doesn’t get fooled by phishing content because it looks at the underlying code. Technology that doesn’t care how popular Game of Thrones is. Technology that isn’t human. Phishing Protection Technology.

Game of Thrones’ popularity isn’t the problem, it’s a symptom. You can bet the next popular thing to come along will be used to exploit human behavior. When you’re ready to let technology solve a problem you’re no match for, head on over to Phish Protection and get yourself protected. It’s fast, it’s inexpensive and that’s no fantasy.