It’s that time of the year. Time for a special brand of phishing emails: holiday-themed emails.

Who doesn’t like receiving a discount code from their favourite retailer in an email promotion around the holidays? Or, a holiday e-card from a co-worker? Or, a shipping notification from UPS saying that a package is on the way? Everyone loves getting these types of emails around the holidays and hackers know it. Which is why they use these types of emails to phish you. And by all accounts, they’re planning on doing it even more this holiday season. So, you better be ready.

According to Dark Reading, “Around the holidays, phishing emails with malware often demonstrate a change in trend, opting for holiday greeting cards and graphics or sound with underlying nefarious code.”

It’s not just consumers at risk for these holiday threats. Small and mid-size businesses are very much in the crosshairs of cyber criminals. According to Hook Security, “Compared to bigger companies, SMBs are especially at risk because only 32% of them organize training sessions and simulations to teach their staff how to recognize and avoid phishing scams. Moreover, less than 30% of small firms employ an IT security specialist who can help keep the company safe.”

Did you hear those small companies? You’re going to be receiving these phishing emails, and in general, you’re not prepared. What are you going to do?

Unfortunately, what you’re most likely to do is nothing. What you should do is protect your company and your employees with a technology-based solution that doesn’t fall for phishing emails. The solutions should be inexpensive, fast to set up and so easy, so you can do it without an IT staff at all. If only such a solution existed.

So What Should Individuals & Organizations Watch Out For To Safeguard Their Information Assets.

Simulation-based phishing protection training for educating your employees, customers, and clients. Training that has the following features:

  • Simulated email attacks and training
  • Training on the identification of a phishing email
  • Educating on not clicking on malicious links or attachments

Having an automated solution in place that protects you against the following:

  • Email spoofing
  • Domain name spoofing
  • Malicious URLs and attachments


It’s your lucky day, because such a solution does exist. It’s called Phish Protection and it has everything a small business needs to stay safe from phishing attacks this holiday season.

First, Phish Protection is cloud-based, which means there is no hardware, software or maintenance required which is perfect for small businesses. Second, it takes on average, 10 minutes to set up for the entire company. And with Phish Protections’ 24/7 live technical support, you won’t even need an IT staff member to do it.

Third, it provides all of the essential for protection from phishing to keep you safe. These include

  1. Smart Quarantine
  2. Real-time link click protection
  3. Display name spoofing protections
  4. Domain name spoofing protection and
  5. Malicious attachment blocking.

Finally, and perhaps most important to small businesses, Phish Protection is super affordable. How affordable? How about pennies per employee per month.

The holiday phishing emails are coming. You’ve been warning. And with Phish Protection, you no longer have any excuses. Try it free for 30 days. You’ll see.