Phishing Awareness Campaign To Make Employees The Strongest Defense Against Phishing Attacks

Luring the employees of an organization and obtaining sensitive information like usernames and passwords through dubious means is known as a phishing scam. The attackers design an e-mail scam and disguise themselves as an authorized, legitimate, or trustworthy entity or organization to bait the user.

The attacks are designed intelligently and trick the user into clicking on a malicious attachment or link, which looks like a legitimate link to a trusted website. Falling into their trap, the employees part with sensitive business credentials. As a result, these compromised credentials inflict heavy losses to a business.

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Analyzing The Vulnerability Of The Network

Organizations who seek to develop better security standards for the workforce need to assess how many employees are susceptible to phishing attacks.

Following are the steps to carry out a phishing security test within a workplace:


  • A group of employees is selected, and security teams forward a simulated e-mail to them. It asks them to visit a particular site and perform a specific task like entering sensitive information such as username, password, credit or debit card details, information about the bank account, etc.
  • The e-mail looks like a standard e-mail from a trustworthy entity.
  • The e-mail may talk about some offer on an online shopping site, interesting articles, or some changes made in their accounts, etc. Thus, it creates a sense of excitement or urgency in the mind of the employee.
  • Creating a sense of urgency is the best way to make users fall in the trap. Further, the e-mail lures them into clicking the malicious link attached in the e-mail and enter the personal information.
  • The administration can tailor the simulated e-mail according to the type of organization, and the group being targeted.
  • In the end, the security teams create a report on how the targeted employees responded to the simulated attack, which employees failed to pass the test, and which employees handled the situation wisely.
  • It helps the organization to strengthen the loopholes in the network and make the employees learn how to react in case of various types of phishing attacks.
  • After giving further training to the employees, the phishing awareness campaign can be re-run with some updates to analyze the improvement of the employees.

Supplementing And Reinforcing Better Security Awareness Training

Now that the IT security teams know the loopholes in the network, they can undertake various phishing awareness training techniques. These security awareness training will offer a comprehensive, customizable, and interactive training to employees. We are mentioning a few phishing awareness tips to make the employees better prepared:


  1. Sending security awareness e-mail to employees: Education and training of the employees are essential for a safer network. The administration can share some phishing awareness templates to the employees. By identifying the threat areas in the e-mails, they will become more vigilant in the future. Some phishing awareness e-mail templates that organizations can use are:
    • Official Communication Templates
    • Your Order Has Shipped
    • Notifications from Cloud-Based Applications
    • Security Updates
    • Training Notice
    • Account Upgrade
    • Nonprofit Request

    Thus, employees will get to know how to identify threats in such communications. Additionally, the administration can include a security awareness training powerpoint presentation along with the e-mail.

  2. Phishing awareness quizlet for improving awareness: Knowledge about the threat is the first step towards countering it. The quizlet will provide in-depth knowledge to identify and prepare against all types of threats. It will help employees develop skills and expertise so that they can complete their tasks more securely. The quizlet, coupled with a phishing training pdf, will make the workforce better informed. They can enhance their knowledge about the various social engineering techniques used by hackers.

With the increasing sophistication of phishing attacks, organizations can no longer resort to random security briefings. They require a campaign of evolving phishing awareness, regularly updated, to keep the safety of the network a priority in employees’ minds.

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