Please find below details for the Scholarships program.

PhishProtection offers phishing prevention solutions for SMB, enterprise and universities at

We are a service of DuoCircle LLC, an email security company designed from the ground up to provide all the features that an enterprise would expect but priced for small and medium businesses.

More than 90% of all cyber crimes start with a phishing attack

Ready to Protect Your Organization From the Most Dangerous Email Threats?

Ransomware, data breaches and CEO fraud have one thing in common. They are all preceded by one of your employees clicking on a link in an email they shouldn’t have. 

You can train your employees all you want, some of them will still fall for the most sophisticated phishing attacks. And all it takes is one click. You’re going to need some help.

Get that help from

  • Keeps most phishing emails out of inboxes so employees can’t click on anything
  • Provides real-time link click protection for the emails that get through
  • Protects against domain name spoofing AND display name spoofing
  • Blocks and quarantines malicious attachments too

We have a very security-focused approach to message handling and ensuring the deliverability, security, privacy of every message and every customer is our mission.

Our customers stick with us because we have the most commonly requested features for business to help them secure their email communications from Malware, Ransomware and Phishing.

Our no-nonsense approach keeps our customers happy and our team driven to excellence.

The scholarship is in its second year and Brad Slavin, DuoCircles’ CEO said that “We are  committed to the ideal that every student deserves as chance to excel and with the DuoCircle scholarship program we aim to make a difference.” 



Eligible applicants are high school seniors with signed acceptance letters to a college or university situated anywhere in the world.

There is, however, no restriction on major/minor. All can apply.

The applicant will need a GPA of 3.5 weighted or higher.


Award is offering $1000 scholarship.


How to Apply

We’re looking for a 1500-word essay or 2-minute video on why email is so important.



  • What is the motivation for phishing and how can we address the underlying causes?
  • What will change in the next 10 years as it relates to messaging and email?
  • How would you teach the older generations how to spot an online scam or phishing attempt?
  • How would you explain to a 10 year old the concept of privacy and not over sharing on the Internet?



  • Current year grades and transcript
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Current letter of acceptance or letter of enrollment from an accredited University, Trade School or Community College.
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Facebook / Instagram / Twitter links
  • Name and contact details

Once you are ready with the details, please send an mail to:



Applications for the 2020, PhishProtection Scholarships program will be accepted between November 25, 2019 through to midnight of November 30, 2020. 

The Winner will be announced on December 7, 2020.