How to Stop Phishing Emails

Whether you like it or not, phishing emails are here to stay. From Nigerian prince scams to spear phishing, there are various ways cybercriminals can target you and your employees.

The best thing you can do in this bleak situation?

Learn how to deal with it.

If you or your organization are getting bombarded with phishing attempts, here’s how to stop phishing emails.

Check your spam filter

The first step you should take is to check your email provider’s settings. While most do a decent job at blocking spam and phishing attempts, there may still be a few that slip through the filters.

If you notice any phishing emails in your inbox, report them immediately. This is considered as one of the phishing prevention best practices. Not only does the report option help your provider catch similar emails in the future, but it blocks them as well. This should prevent you from seeing the same attempts again.

Set up rules for your spam filter

Have you reported a phishing email, only to see another identical attempt? Then you may want to set up rules in your spam filter.

Depending on your host, you can set up rules so incoming emails can be automatically marked as junk and put in the trash. Out of sight, out of mind.

Install anti-phishing software

Anti-phishing software is a great way to get extra protection. Again, major email providers have decent spam filtering capabilities, but often, it’s not enough.

If you find your inbox is constantly filling up with phishing emails, this phishing protection software can help. With enterprise level spam filtering, the program has more powerful and far-reaching capabilities than your email provider does.

Provide security training

23% of people who receive phishing emails open them, and 11% of them open attachments. This means a fourth of your workforce puts your entire organization at risk.

If you provide regular security training, you can decrease this number. By educating your employees on recognizing phishing emails, they can avoid breaches in your security from all types of phishing attacks. Also, they can safeguard your other workers by alerting the security officer whenever they receive a phishing email.

Put a stop to phishing attempts

The more phishing emails get through, the more likely it is for cybercriminals to succeed. By implementing these ways on how to stop phishing emails, the likelihood of your sensitive information getting out decreases.

Through the power of spam filtering and security training, you’ll keep scams out of your company and secure your network.

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