How to Prevent Phishing Emails

You’ve probably heard about phishing and may have even received a few of those emails yourself. Not only are they annoying to deal with, but they’re risky too. One misclick and your computer can download a Trojan virus.

The best way to avoid this situation is to prevent phishing emails from reaching you in the first place. Here’s how to prevent various types of phishing emails from clogging up your inbox.

Install a good antivirus program

It goes without saying that if your computer connects to the internet, installing antivirus software is a must to stop phishing emails reaching your inbox. Getting online not only opens the door to outgoing traffic but incoming as well.

A solid antivirus program will safeguard you from any cybercriminal attacks.

It’s not enough to just install antivirus software. If there are updates, install them immediately. It may be tempting to postpone them since you’re busy, but it’s well worth taking a few minutes to install updates.

Patches find and fix any vulnerabilities your program may have. Malicious attacks take advantage of these vulnerabilities, so by keeping up-to-date with your updates, you plug up any holes scammers may make use of.

Keep your browser up-to-date

Yes, you’ve guessed it:

Cybercriminals can exploit loopholes in your browser security too.

So you should treat your browser in the same way you treat your antivirus program. Always stay on top of updates, so you don’t give cybercriminals any wiggle room.

You can even install a free anti-phishing toolbar in your browser. Combined with your antivirus software, you’ll have a double layer of protection whenever you’re surfing online. Your chances of clicking on bad links will be drastically lowered.

Install anti-phishing software

Good anti-phishing software can stop attacks dead in their tracks long before they reach you. First, malicious websites are blocked, so no one in your organization can access them.

Second, the sophisticated phishing protection software can detect spoofing and catch these attempts. This cuts off cybercriminals from infecting your computer with malware, either immediately or at a later time.

Last, anti-phishing software can scan and block malicious URLs and files in real-time. This means any phishing emails sent will be immediately intercepted and blocked so you won’t even see them appear in your inbox.

Block phishing attempts before they happen

By knowing how to prevent phishing emails, you can take your security into your own hands. Antivirus and best phishing protection are essential in recognizing and intercepting phishing emails before they reach you. So be sure to arm your business with the appropriate technology for the best security possible.

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