Phishing Prevention Best Practices

With phishing becoming so rampant, your main priority should be looking after your organization’s digital security.


Because just one successful phishing attack may be all it takes to topple your operations.

To help you fend off cybercriminals, here are some phishing prevention best practices your business can follow.

Don’t click on links in emails

One of the main ways scammers try to phish is via email. You should be on the lookout for spelling and grammar errors, logos that don’t look quite right, and unprompted login requests.

It may seem excessive, but it’s a good habit to never click on links provided in emails, even if they seem to be from a trusted institution. Instead, always log into your accounts by going to the websites directly. You can familiarize with spear phishing examples to improve your defenses.

When you type in the domain name yourself, there’s zero chance of clicking on a malicious link.

Whether or not the email request is genuine, you’ll have to check your account anyway to see if you need to take action. By adding one small step to your routine, you’ll significantly lower your chances of falling for a phishing scam.

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Make it harder for scammers to spoof

Cybercriminals also scam by spoofing display and email names. But you can put in extra measures so it’s harder for them to do so.

Here are some things for your IT department to implement:

Another layer of protection you can use is anti-phishing software. This can automatically detect any spoofed emails and stop them from appearing in your inbox. You can also use such software on your smartphones, so all your company’s digital devices have continuous protection.

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Create passwords that are secure

It may be easier to remember one simple password across multiple websites, but this also makes it easier for cybercriminals to hijack your accounts. The best thing to do is create separate passwords with a combination of capital and lowercase letters, special characters, and numbers for spear phishing prevention.

You should also change them occasionally, so if any are compromised, they’ll be outdated when scammers try to use them.

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Always keep an eye out for phishing attempts

By putting these phishing prevention best practices into play, you’ll safeguard your company’s sensitive information much more effectively. However, because cybercriminals will constantly try your defenses using spear phishing attacks, never let your guard down and always be wary when on the internet.

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