Forwarding Phishing Training PDF To Employees For Interdepartmental Attention To Prevent Breaches

The most common mistake an enterprise makes is starting the phishing awareness training without a plan. With a little upfront effort, organizations can see positive change and expect real results from the employees.

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Initial Steps For The Foundation Of An Effective Phishing Awareness Campaign

Get A Baseline:

For demonstrating the value of the phishing awareness campaign, it is crucial to measure the change in behavior of the workforce. Thus, enterprises must run a baseline assessment of the employees. They can send a security awareness e-mail to employees to determine where they stand. For starters, they must choose a phishing awareness e-mail template of moderate difficulty.

Announce The Program:

For the success of any campaign, it is crucial for the employees to ‘buy-in.’ Organizations can demonstrate their plan through a phishing awareness training powerpoint presentation. Additionally, they can share the results of the baseline test to educate the employees better. They can also share a phishing training pdf which provides a comprehensive guide to phishing protection.

Carry Out Unique Assessments:

Finally, organizations must set themselves up for success by enrolling every employee in a phishing awareness quizlet. Avoid giving the impression that employees will get punishment if they fail to answer correctly.

Why Sending Phishing Training Pdf Is Essential?

When we consider a hacker’s perspective, an executive is a highest-value target for him. It is because they possess all the critical and confidential trade secrets of the business. Hence, forwarding a phishing awareness template in PDF form to them becomes essential because:


  • It includes all the typical topics which provide the necessary know-how of different types of phishing attacks.
  • Employees learn about various other attacks which are specific to their role in the organization.
  • It highlights the technologies and security tactics which are tailored to prevent any data leakage.
  • Employees cannot edit PDF files, unlike the word documents. Hence, organizations can ensure that the same version of the phishing awareness policy, procedures, and guidelines get forwarded to each employee.
  • It reinforces the basics of social engineering or phishing attacks.
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Phishing Awareness Tips To Include In The PDF

The best defense, indeed is a potent offense when it comes to cybersecurity awareness. Follow the guidelines to design a comprehensive phishing awareness tips PDF.

Mention the types of attacks to which the employees are most susceptible. These can include paragraphs about:

  • Phishing
  • Malware E-mail Attacks
  • Fileless Attacks
  • Employee Errors:
    • Unintended disclosures
    • Improper disposals
    • Accidental deletions

Mention the measures an employee can take to avoid being a victim. These include:

  • Choosing Strong Passwords.
  • Using Anti-Phishing software.
  • Identifying the phishing e-mails. Following are the symptoms of a malicious e-mail:
    • Suspect grammar and punctuation
    • Asking for personal information
    • Alarming content which is full of warnings and potential consequences
    • Urgent deadlines
    • An offer of substantial financial rewards

Finally, security teams can add a phishing awareness quizlet in the PDF. The questions must be in a Yes/No format and provide a clear understanding of basic terms related to phishing.


When it comes to the employees’ preparedness during the event of a phishing attack, organizations can no longer roll the dice. Hence, start early and make a plan upfront including security awreness training, and don’t forget to forward a phishing training pdf to the employees.

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