Hand-Picked Phishing Awareness Templates: A Safe And Practical Attempt To Educate Employees About New Threats

Phishing attacks target businesses for a variety of purposes:

  • To gain control of enterprise computers and local network resources.
  • To gain unauthorized access to the Enterprise Computing Account and resources.
  • To target the cash and payment card data.

Thus, it is vital to train the employees about these modern phishing schemes through engaging and innovative communication. Security awareness training becomes significant as technical cybersecurity solutions don’t offer full-proof security against such social engineering attacks.

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Using Anti-Phishing Templates To Educate The Employees

Best way to educate employees about the Phishing attacks is to carry out security awareness training through mock attacks. In simulated phishing attacks, security teams deploy various methods to demonstrate how they can become a victim of such scams. In other words, the virtual simulation of a Phishing attempt is the primary goal of these phishing templates. The idea behind such campaigns is to improve workforce resilience and make employees understand the risks. Organizations can also gain useful insights through these simulated attacks. It will help them upgrade their phishing awareness strategies according to the vulnerability level.

Hand-Picked Phishing Awareness Templates

After researching various phishing e-mails, security professionals conclude that phishing e-mails show a sense of urgency, use generic greetings, and ask for personal information. For simulating the ongoing attacks, businesses must leverage the latest news and keep their employees ahead of any threats through unique phishing awareness e-mail templates.

Some of the few noted e-mail templates include:

The “Reset Your Membership” Template

The content in a phishing e-mail may depict termination of the membership of a well-known application (iTunes, Amazon Prime, eBay Membership), using messages like “restart your membership by clicking on this link.” Clicking on such links will redirect the employee to a phishing website making the user a phishing attack victim.

The “Reset Your password” Template

ecurity teams should train the employees about the ins and outs of password recovery or reset. They only get password reset links in their e-mail when they request it, or when it expires according to the policies of enterprises. If none of this happens, and they get an e-mail which in turn (if clicked) serves the malicious purpose of a cyber-criminal, it is undoubtedly an attempt to gain unauthorized access to the systems through phishing.

The “Your Order has been Shipped” Template

These phishing scams appear to be a confirmation of an order for a product the employee ordered. They contain a link to the “bogus” order. When clicked, victims are asked to share their login credentials.

The “Authoritative communication” Template

Memos from the HR department are an urgent call for action for the employees. Therefore, they hardly suspect any such official communication. Hackers exploit this trust level by scamming employees with authoritative e-mails.

Thus, security teams can leverage the results from these simulated attacks to gain useful insights into the vulnerability of workforce. Hence, they can tailor their awareness strategies according to the threat perception.

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Additional Phishing Awareness Tips:

Below are the phishing awareness tips you should follow


  • Educate employees about phishing and its harmful effects.
  • Empower employees to detect and report such attacks..
  • Enterprises may deliver training in the form of online video lectures, classroom training, written documents, and departmental meetings, etc.
  • Administration can carry out dedicated phishing awareness campaigns.
  • There are other alternatives to make employees aware of cyber-attacks, such as phishing awareness quizlet. Administration can design small flashcards and broadcast them through e-mails. They provide comprehensive knowledge about digital scams and make the employees better prepared and vigilant.
  • Organizations may use their meeting rooms and show their employees Audio-Visual phishing awareness training powerpoint presentations or send phishing training pdfs. These methods work best when carried out regularly, and not only on annual security briefings.
  • Every organization and each employee is susceptible to a phishing attack. It makes broadcasting security awareness e-mail to employees crucial. These e-mails describe phishing in brief and prevention tips.


Phishing attacks cause immense damage to a business entity. The cost not only entails the loss of reputation but includes financial losses and regulatory implications as well. Hence, it is imperative to educate the employees about the same.

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