Browse Online Safely: Know Key Anti-Phishing Services

Phishing is a popular name which is derived from the notion of “fishing for information”, and that is what most of the hackers or fraudsters or cybercriminals or ‘phishers’ are doing. They attempt to trick their would-be victims into disclosing their sensitive personal details.

Phishing is a significant threat in today’s digital world and is expanding at an exponential rate seen never before. It has caused losses running into millions to several organisations and equally devastating damage to their reputations. To counter the threat posed by phishing, Anti-Phishing is used.

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What Is Anti-Phishing And Why Do You Need It?

All the techniques and tools that are used to prevent phishing attacks against an enterprise or individual’s devices come `under Anti-phishing methods. You can avail anti-phishing office services to raise the security posture of your enterprise. Here are some of the significant benefits of having deployed anti-phishing technique.


  • Significant reduction of financial losses or regulatory issues due to otherwise devastating phishing attacks.
  • Increased brand loyalty and customer retention due to improved security assurance.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance by keeping logs and evidence, which in many countries is required by law.
  • Protects various phishing sites and can also scan for email content or the body of the document in the email for a malicious URL.

Anti-Phishing Services

Anti-Phishing services fall under the types listed below:

Symptom-based prevention:

In this service, anti-phishing app detects the symptoms of a phishing attack when you visit any webpage and generates phishing alerts for your benefit.

Domain Binding:

This involves alerts from anti-phishing software when you visit a domain not linked to your credentials but pretending to be the same.

Content-Based Filtering:

In this technique, email content is filtered so that malicious content does not enter into the system.

There are various other types of Anti-Phishing services and can be categorized based on their operation-

Bayesian Content Filtering:

This content filtering technique uses assessing headers and creates a database for the keywords used in email content to verify the legitimacy of the email.

Blacklist-based anti-phishing:

This involves separation of URLs which are blacklisted by the anti-phishing software.

Browser integrated anti-phishing:

These are in-built security measures present in browsers. They look for specific features when the user is visiting a web page and show notifications based on the categorisation. There are various anti-phishing chrome extensions available. 

Phishing Alerts:

These anti-phishing toolbar help the user to receive real time alerts of phishing sites which are targeting your company’s employees and are reported from the anti-phishing Community.

Fraud Detection anti-phishing:

Fraud Detection service helps you to protect your organization by pre-emptively detecting any identity theft, malicious sites or any impersonation attempt.

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The functionality of Anti-Phishing Software

Most Anti-phishing software detects specific keywords on emails and websites. Their method of operation includes searching and blocking for content that might be trying to compromise user credentials or content which requests document uploads.

The software also looks for persistent language and hyperbole when a user submits requested information. This technique involves typo squatting along with Whois lookups to reverse validate the presented data while visiting domains.

 Anti-phishing software also checks for authentic SSL certificates which are provided by certificate authorities. Browsers with Anti-Phishing protection contain the names of all the certificate providers.

When you visit a website, the software checks for SSL and if the site in question does not have a certificate from the listed providers, it declares them as unsafe.

A Few Drawbacks Of Anti-Phishing Services

  • Bayesian poisoning methods can be used to bypass some of the defence mechanism.
  • The Blacklists of software might take time to refresh or even show false positives.
  • Information security responsibility lies in the hands of the human factor in an organization, i.e. its employees, who can make errors as most of the anti-phishing solutions can still miss most of the malicious sites.
  • Spellings of words may be subtly altered to fool filters.
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