What Is Anti-Phishing Office 365 & How It Can Help Prevent Phishing?

According to a recent report, phishing is the most prominent threat facing organizations and phishing attacks on corporations are rampant nowadays with increased internet adoption and sophisticated technology and tools available to cybercriminals.

Attackers prey on the victim’s sense of fear or urgency and make them think that they need to click on the link or URL in the malicious email (that attackers have crafted) to stay secure or provide some financial information or credentials to be safe from tax authorities or police.

It implies that their security will become obsolete if they do not click on the link sent to them in an email or do not provide any sensitive and confidential information to attackers. You as an individual or as an employee of an organization must know that security updates are never sent via email and you should be aware and also educate yourself and others about such phishing attacks.

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What Is “Anti-Phishing Office 365”?

Office 365 is one of the most popular office suite packages that is being used by more than 60 million commercial users presently. According to a BitGlass report, commercial usage of Office 365 reached 56%, which was up from 34% in the year 2014. The reason for this rise in popularity is that Office 365 has beefed up the security using anti-phishing measures to secure itself from malicious attacks. Microsoft has included the anti-phishing policy as part of its Office 365 Anti Threat Protection (ATP). The anti-phishing policy helps enterprises in securing their systems from malicious, dangerous and impersonated phishing attacks.

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Anti-Phishing Office 365 – Features

When setting-up the anti-phishing options in office 365, administrators can choose from several available options, to ensure comprehensive phishing protection. Some of the features include:

Add Uses to Protect:

This option enables administrators to prevent phishing through email attacks, and the administrator can add up to a maximum of 60 email addresses. Administrators mainly configure the email addresses of people on higher positions like board members, directors, and high-level executives, etc.

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Add Domains for Protection:

Anti-phishing solutions for office 365 also allows administrators to choose their domains, thus offering protection from impersonation. You can add a list of verified domains along with some of your partner domains.

Mailbox Intelligence

Mailbox intelligence allows anti-phishing protection at a user-level as it is strategically built around your emails and monitors all your incoming and outgoing emails.

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Unique Reporting

Microsoft team is always at its customers’ disposal if they receive any phishing messages. They can send the message as an attachment to phish@office365.microsoft.com, and the team tunes its phishing filters to protect all its user base.

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How It Prevents User From Phishing?

Office 365 anti-phishing makes use of machine learning models, along with advanced impersonation detection algorithms, to help protect all incoming email messages from spear phishing attacks. Every message coming into the system is thoroughly scanned using various impersonation algorithms to detect any phishing.

One of the attack methods that attackers commonly use is spoofing the email address in such a way that when the sender address is forged the message appears to be originating from someone other than the actual source. Spoofed messages create uncertainty for the user, and they get confused with real messages for fake ones. Office 365 anti-phishing authenticates incoming messages based on sender/recipient history, sender’s reputation, behavioral analysis, and other advanced anti-phishing techniques.

Anti-Phishing Office 365 is a great tool that can be used to thwart most of the phishing attacks, but the essential part that remains to be played by user is the thing they can do to secure their office environment is to educate themselves and other users about the phishing threats and the warning signs of phishing attacks.

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