Top Anti-Phishing Apps & How These Apps Protect Computer Users From Phishers

Anti-phishing apps are Cybersecurity products designed to detect phishing content in email messages. These can filter emails coming from any malicious source by verifying their origin with the databases of phishing websites or through a collection of the addresses of services that hackers usually spoof.

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Main Features Of Anti-Phishing Apps

Anti-phishing apps & anti-phishing vendors are making their importance known to CISOs. Such personnel is often very busy, and the services help reduce the percentage of time spent by them on using and focusing on anti-phishing techniques.


  • Malicious content in email is efficiently detected by Anti-Phishing apps.
  • They check to prevent spoofs of sender’s addresses.
  • Reliable protection against embedded Trojans or malware in phishing emails.
  • They alert the receiver by confirming a phishing attack as a fake email even if it looks to be sent from an official source.
  • Anti-phishing apps block malware and phishing sites.
  • They use a database of millions of phishing websites to detect threats.
  • Information is also conveyed to the users with regards to blocked threats.

Types Of Anti-Phishing Apps

We will briefly discuss Android as well as Apple anti-phishing apps along with the latest browser with their anti phishing toolbar extensions in the category of desktop versions of anti-phishing apps.

Netcraft Anti-Phishing App For Android

You can access this anti-phishing service in the Google Play store as well as the Amazon Playstore.

To protect you from malicious phishing sites, this app uses their enterprise’s leading anti-phishing feed. The app will automatically alert you about danger with its notifications, and it works perfectly with most popular mobile web browsers for Android such as Chrome, Firefox, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and so on.

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MetaCert For iPhone

This is a cloud-based anti-malware and anti-phishing bot. MetaCert uses a powerful threat detection system for fake URLs. A red shield will warn you if a link is leading to a phishing site. A grey shield will tell you about unrecognized links while a green shield indicates the safety of your browsed websites. Along with phishing protection, an updated version of MetaCert bot also provides cloud-based protection against any phishing attacks.

However, these are cases where Anti-Phishing apps pretend to be legitimate banking apps and steal your bank credentials. So, always ensure the official address of the app as given above while downloading it from the App Store.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast mobile security is both an anti-virus and an anti-phishing app. It helps a user or an organization block spam and undesirable calls. The app can also enable a user to keep their pictures and other applications safe by using security controls like a fingerprint lock. Its amazing anti-phishing solution can block phishing emails and websites with ease.

The app has received a rating of “excellent” from professionals in the field consistently over several years and is one of the most widely used applications with over four hundred million users. It has both a free version and a PRO version with several added benefits with the PRO version.

Avast is significant because it has many uses and is a one-stop solution for all everyday cybersecurity needs.

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How Anti-Phishing Apps Prevent Users From Phishing Attacks?

The anti-phishing office apps & anti-phishing vendors are leading personalities in the world of protection against phishing. Their prevention procedure hovers around the detection of malware or embedded Trojans in the messages received via mail. Nowadays, phishing apps come with an extension that prevents you from reaching a phishing site.

For the cross-checking of phishing content, they use a database of millions of phishing websites. Along with that, sender’s addresses that are usually under spoofing like Paypal, etc. are also examined and some companies like Netcraft who have their own company leading database, they keep updating their database regularly as a new threat approaches.

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