The Best Phishing Protection: Being Proactive

Almost 250 million phishing attacks happen in a year. With cybercriminals becoming so aggressive, you can’t leave things to chance anymore.

While taking a reactive approach to phishing was possibly effective in the past, nowadays, there’s simply too much damage to clean up if you allow the possibility of a successful attack.

To ensure your company’s security, the best phishing protection now is to be proactive. In this article, we show you a few ways you can keep scammers out and your sensitive information in.

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In-office security training

Every organization should employ a digital security officer, also known as a cybersecurity officer or chief security officer. They play a crucial role in keeping your workplace aware of the latest phishing attacks.

Digital security officers can also regularly train your employees on the key signs of phishing attempts. That way, they can recognize and report anything suspicious to your officer.

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Mock phishing attacks

Not only can digital security officers educate your employees, but they can also test them. For many, the best way to learn is to experience. Your digital security officer can work with your IT team to set up mock phishing attacks, so your office knows what a real one looks like without any real risk to security.

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Staying wary of all links and attachments

The number one way cybercriminals succeed in their phishing attacks is through malicious links and attachments. Although it sounds simple to avoid clicking on malware, it’s more complicated than you think.

Phishing attacks have a high success rate because scammers know how to get inside your head and get you to click. So if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Also, if you’re a victim of spear phishing, you’ll receive communications that seem like they’re from people you know. But in reality, it’s an attack; always double check with senders to see if contact is genuine or not.

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Anti-phishing software

Get the best in digital security by installing anti-phishing solution. Some of the benefits you can enjoy from such software are:

  • Smart quarantine of emails
  • Domain and display name spoofing protection
  • Malicious attachment blocking

anti phishing software review
anti phishing software

Make sure you don’t become a victim

Combine knowledge and awareness with anti-phishing software and your organization’s security should be impenetrable. Your employees are only human, which means there may be some inevitable slipups.

When those happen, you can count on robust anti-phishing services to catch and block them before any harm is done to your network.

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