The Best Anti-Phishing Techniques

As an avid email user, you probably receive spam messages regularly; the average person receives 16 in a day. It may not seem like a large number, but in an organization with at least five to 10 employees, that number may become quite problematic.

Take a proactive stance against this nuisance. With the best anti-phishing techniques, you’ll crush any phishing attempts that come your way along with the best phishing protection.

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Have an effective firewall

A firewall is a type of software. It’s the first line of defense, which means it’s absolutely necessary to have. What it does is prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network. This means it’ll bounce hackers’ initial attempts, which can be enough to get them to leave you alone.

Although it may be tempting to hit the “later” button whenever updates pop up, this leaves your network very vulnerable. You’re always in a race against cybercriminals, and delaying updates puts you far behind them. Don’t let them win the race; always install patches and updates whenever they’re available along with good anti-phishing service.

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Ignore strange email attachments

As alluring as they are, those emails with free or attractive offers are probably too good to be true. Same goes for the emails that pique your interest and require you to download files to find out more. These are all tactics scammers use to increase their chances of successfully phishing their victims.

If you’re waiting on information from vendors, clients, or coworkers, you still want to double check with them when you receive any emails from them. Chances are, these are authentic emails, not spoofed ones. But you don’t want to take any risks; it’s better to err on the side of caution.

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Don’t click on URLs in emails

Just like with attachments, URLs in emails can be malicious too. No matter how real they look, keep in mind that cybercriminals are incredibly clever and can replicate official emails easily.

If you really need to access a website based on information you’ve received in an email, open a tab in your browser and type it in yourself. That way, you know for sure you’re on the official website.

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Protect your business from phishing attacks

Now that you know the best anti-phishing techniques, it’s time to pair those with superior anti phishing solution. By using anti-phishing software, you’ll take your digital security one step further. By investing in your cyber defenses, you’ll prevent infiltration of your network.

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