The Benefits of Anti Phishing Services

No matter what industry you’re in, protection of sensitive data is a must. While most workplaces have basic antivirus software installed, in most cases, that’s the extent of their cybersecurity.

But the fact is, that’s simply not enough. With the sophistication of phishing attacks nowadays, you need to have multiple facets to your digital defenses. You can upgrade yours by getting robust protection against phishing.

Below are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you get anti phishing services.

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Real-time protection

The best type of protection from phishing attacks is proactivity instead of reactivity. While having software that can remove malware is an excellent thing, you don’t want the malware to be there in the first place.

With anti-phishing solutions, you’ll get real-time protection in several ways:


Malicious attachment blocking

Phishing protection software will scan your incoming emails for links and attachments. If they’re determined to be malicious, they’ll be intercepted before landing in your inbox. You won’t have to worry about false positives either, since the technology is advanced enough to differentiate.

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Click protection

Afraid of clicking on the wrong links while online? You don’t have to worry about that anymore. Anti phishing softwares will scan every link you click on and block them if they’re blacklisted. You won’t have to deal with removing viruses since they won’t even get far enough to infect your network.

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Two-way spoof protection

Cybercriminals can easily spoof display names and email addresses. Anti phishing tools can scan your incoming emails and determine if they’ve been spoofed or not.

On top of that, they can also add extra measures to your email signatures, so it makes it harder for unauthorized people to spoof your organization’s display name or email address.

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Coverage across all devices

Many anti-phishing techniques emphasize protection on computers and laptops, so mobile devices and tablets are often forgotten. However, since they also connect to the internet, they’re just as vulnerable as computers, if not more.

Any reputable and effective anti-phishing company will have software that’s compatible across all devices. That way, you’ll have strong defenses no matter what device you’re on.

Round-the-clock tech support

In addition to the exceptional software, anti phishing services will also offer tech support. This ensures that whenever you run into any problems, you have a dedicated team of experts that can help you out.

Most of the time, they’ll be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you’ll never have to wait long to get assistance.

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Enterprise-class email protection without the enterprise price

For flexible per-user pricing, PhishProtection’s integrated email security solution protects your employees from business email compromise (BEC) and many other email threats. 24×7. On any device. With features you’d expect in more expensive solutions:

All Plans Come With

  • Stops business email compromise (BEC)
  • Stops brand forgery emails
  • Stop threatening emails before they reach the inbox
  • Continuous link checking
  • Real-time website scanning
  • Real time alerts to users and administrators
  • Protection with settings you control
  • Protection against zero day vulnerabilities
  • Complete situational awareness from web-based console

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