Anti Phishing Office Practices

As more and more phishing attacks hit businesses, the need for better cybersecurity becomes stronger. While you can get anti phishing solution, the best in technology to protect your organization, all of that could be for nothing if your employees aren’t also trained to detect and fend off attacks.

Your digital defenses are only as strong as the weakest link, after all. To ensure your business stays safe and secure, make sure your employees know these anti phishing office practices along with your best phishing protection.

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Create strong passwords

It may be easier to create memorable passwords with things such as your favorite numbers or pets, but if it’s simple for you to remember, then it’s simple for cybercriminals to crack.

Instead, stay away from passwords that use words from the dictionary. Use a password manager that has a password generator so you can not only create strong passwords, but you can also store them securely. That way, you won’t have to remember or write them all down.

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Change passwords often

Data breaches are always happening. A good way to keep up with them is by having anti-phishing software as well as regularly checking a data breach website. Even if your passwords haven’t been compromised, it’s still good practice to change your passwords often; if anyone gets ahold of your passwords, they’ll likely be outdated anyway.

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Ignore attachments from non-contacts

Scammers are extremely successful because they’re experts at convincing people to click on links, even if they seem slightly fishy. The best thing to do when you receive emails with attachments from unknown senders is to ignore them outright. Out of sight, out of mind.

It’s also good practice to confirm with your contacts if you receive anything from them. Spoofing is a real danger, so it doesn’t hurt to check in with your colleagues or clients about any attachments they’ve sent.

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Type in URLs instead of clicking

Ever heard of the term “risky click?” Technically, every click is a risky one. You never know if a URL’s been spoofed, even if the source seems legitimate.

You can eliminate the chance of landing on malware by typing in the link destination yourself. Although it may take an extra few seconds and steps, it’s worth knowing you’ve thwarted any potential phishing attacks.

Report anything suspicious

Two effective ways of protecting your organization from phishing attempts are word of mouth and employee awareness. You should facilitate a positive and safe environment, so no one’s ever afraid to step up and say something if they feel like something’s not right. If you put punishments in place for false positives, this may discourage workers from speaking out at crucial moments.

To facilitate phishing reports, you must have employee awareness. No one really likes to sit around and listen to boring security training sessions, so try and use creative ways to educate the workplace. If you can get people engaged, it’ll make the information stand out more to them. A little bit of knowledge can go a long way in your organization’s cybersecurity.

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