Enterprise-class Email Protection Without Enterprise Prices

No sales calls. No contracts. Transparent Pricing. Up and running in 10 minutes.

You’re a small business and one of your employees unwittingly just unleashed the newest zero-day ransomware attack on your company’s servers. They clicked on a link in an email to what appeared to be a trustworthy website. Now, every last bit of your corporate data is encrypted and unavailable or they have just shared their credentials to your corporate network. Fixing it the breach is going to cost you money.

If your files are encrypted I’ll bet you didn’t know that even if you pay the ransom, there’s a chance you won’t get your data back. And even if you do, it could take weeks. Is your company prepared for that?

Email Attacks Have Evolved

In the early days, attackers would try and exploit your company with malicious email attachments. They would do this by attaching executable files or other files with embedded scripts or macros. But strong antivirus tools soon rendered this technique ineffective.

That’s when email attacks evolved to take advantage of the weakest link in your security defense: people.

Brand Forgery, Business Email Compromise, Domain Name Spoofing, Spear Phishing, Whaling Attacks, Zero Day Attacks are all different types of phishing exploits through which attackers try to get past people.

Phishing Attacks are a People Problem

Phishing attacks are enabled by social engineering techniques. Attackers gather just enough information to send believable emails to their target. The truth is, it’s just not that hard to trick most people into clicking a malicious link in a well-crafted email. The only way to really be safe from phishing attacks is to use anti phishing software technology with advanced threat defense to solve for people’s shortcomings.

We created Phish Protection to prevent all types of phishing including spear phishing protection and office 365 email protection for your small business. We understand it takes technology to protect your company from your employees. But we also understand that the latest phishing prevention technology hasn’t always been available to small businesses at prices you could afford and without long-term contracts.

Enterprise-class Email Protection Specifically for Small Businesses

Email phishing protection started as an enterprise solution with enterprise prices for enterprise clients. At Phish Protection we wanted to offer small businesses the same level of advanced protection, but at a price you could afford, with no long-term contracts and with zero hassles.

Phish Protection comes with services you’d only expect in a more expensive, enterprise solution:

  • Real-time link click protection
  • Real-time notifications
  • Smart Quarantine
  • Domain name spoofing protection
  • Protection for all devices
  • Check six trust databases in real time
  • Protection from zero-day exploits
  • A single unified web-based console
  • Customizable filters, blacklists and whitelists
  • 24/7 support

Phish Protection comes with conveniences you don’t expect from an enterprise solution:

  • Works with on-premise AND hosted solutions (like Office 365)
  • No lock-in (easily move to another service provider)
  • No long-term contracts
  • No sales calls or long sales cycles
  • No hardware to buy
  • No software to configure
  • No applications to install
  • No per user fees
  • Price transparency
  • Up and running in 10 minutes

Phish Protection is the Choice for Your Small Business

Phishing, spear phishing and whaling attacks are not going away. You know you need to protect your employees and your data. The challenge is to do it effectively, with as little interruption to your business as possible, and at price that fits your budget.

That’s why we want you to try Phish Protection risk free for 60 days. No cost. No commitment. No hassles. You’ll be up and running in 10 minutes.