Know Your Enemy: Phishing Resources For The Best Defense

The internet is a stockpot of information, a place where you can gain valuable knowledge. You can find tons of cybersecurity and phishing resources that you can use to build your awareness for effective defense against cyber threats. Let’s take a look at these resources, which we’ve divided into different categories like tools, webinars, and whitepapers. The lists are not exhaustive but given as an example of what resources are available.

Free Tools To Counter Cyber Attack

Phishing Security Test

Phishing Security Test is a free tool from KnowBe4, the security awareness training firm. It offers the ability to carry out simulated phishing attacks in your organization. So, it is a tool to test the vulnerability and strength of your last line of cyber defense – your employees. It helps you to strengthen your enterprise’s security posture by keeping the staff at high alert for any signs of phishing attempts. It also helps to identify the weak link in your organization and take necessary actions about it.

The features of Phishing Security Test include:

  • You can select the number of users you need (up to 100).
  • You can customize the test according to your requirements and business environment.
  • You can impart hands-on training by showing your employees their mistakes – where the link they’ve clicked would have taken them and the red flags they missed.
  • You will get a report on the whole test within 24 hours. The report is in-depth and complete with charts and visual aids, and you can use it for your documentation, proposals, etc


Second Chance Tool

Everyone makes mistakes, but the cost of one mistake can be costly in case of a phishing attack. Second Chance is a tool that allows you to roll back in time and correct the error that you have made. You can download and use KnowBe4’s Second Chance Tool free of cost for Gmail, Office 365, and Outlook email clients. This tool works by looking at and analyzing the URL the user had clicked. In case of potentially harmful elements, it then asks the user if they are sure they want to go to the linked URL. This feature gives the users a second chance, an opportunity to back out of the click they had made.

If the user decides to cancel his or her action and abort the navigation, the URL will not open. However, if the user chooses otherwise, the prompt closes and the URL opens in the browser. The tool can also detect punycode links and prompt the users if they had clicked on one.


Phish Alert Button

Phish Alert Button is another amazing, free phishing resource from KnowBe4. Reporting phishing incidents or attempts is a crucial measure in cybersecurity. This tool provides users a secure and hassle-free way of doing that. With a single click of the button, the tool does two things with the phishing email. It deletes the suspicious email from the user’s inbox and also forwards a report of the attempt to the user organization’s security team.

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Webinars To Keep Yourself Updated

Phishing & Social Engineering Trends In 2018: Is The Worst Yet To Come?

There’s nothing better than detailed preparation to protect one’s organization from cyber threats. Stu Sjouwerman, Security Expert and CEO at KnowBe4, covers the following points in the webinar:

  • Knowledge of present-day threats.
  • The new threats which have appeared or may appear in the future.
  • The growing sophistication of phishers and remarkable innovations in the fields of ransomware, phishing, and social engineering.
  • Countermeasures that can make your organization less prone to cyber-attacks.
  • Creation of the Human Firewall.


How To Phish Like The Bad Guys

This webinar is all about tackling the security challenges in an organization. It focuses on learning the security problems and the techniques of social engineers. The webinar takes an in-depth look at the following main points:

  • Most recent techniques, as well as strategies, developed to prevent phishing attacks.
  • The top phishing emails with which phishers find success.
  • Implementation of techniques and creation of simulated phishing attacks using the KnowBe4 platform.


Phishing Attack Landscape and Industry Benchmarking

Webinars are excellent phishing resources, and in this webinar, the security experts discuss the following points:

  • The newly collected industry-wise phishing benchmark data.
  • Knowledge about the present-day phishing landscape.
  • Simulated phishing emails with a high rate of penetration.
  • Top reported phishing emails.
  • Understanding the creation of the Human Firewall.


Counter The Careless Click: Tools To Help You Train Your Users

This webinar focuses on anti-phishing tools as well as tips for the creation of the Human Firewall. It also covers the following topics:

  • The latest threat landscape.
  • Tips related to security awareness.
  • Creation of security awareness program.
  • Discussing where tools can prove to be helpful.

Whitepapers To Gain Additional Knowledge

For additional knowledge about phishing attacks, whitepapers are great phishing resources. The following are some whitepapers which would help you out in this:

2018 Phishing By Industry Benchmarking

This report took into consideration the following points:

  • The latest data concerning the industry’s phishing benchmark.
  • Gaining knowledge regarding which user is prone to risk and how to manage it.
  • Tips which can help in the creation of Human Firewall.
  • Benefits of new-school security awareness training.


CEO Fraud Prevention Manual

Frauds can happen at any level, and those done by CEOs can negatively affect the careers of loyal employees. Through this whitepaper, you’ll get to learn about:

  • CEO Fraud.
  • Which users are prone to risk?
  • Prevention techniques.
  • Options on resolving the problem.
  • Checklist related to response to CEO frauds along with its prevention.


The Phishing Breakthrough Point

This whitepaper covers the following topics:

  • The breakthrough point in the phishing awareness level of an organization.
  • The metrics to cover social engineering loopholes.
  • Effectiveness of phishing awareness training in network protection.


Best Practices For Dealing With Phishing And Ransomware

This whitepaper is all about understanding the various best practices we can follow to be less prone to phishing and ransomware attacks.

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Other Phishing Resources

The other phishing resources that can help in keeping you updated regarding phishing attacks and thus worth checking out are:

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