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If You Think Office 365 is 100% Secure, Think Again.

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Given 0365’s ubiquitous has become a victim of its’ own success – becoming THE target of high value to cyber thieves. And as with most cybercrime, thieves and criminals tend to target the platforms which have the highest adoption and potent al vulnerabilities.

Fact is that no one platform can protect against all threats – meaning if you’re only on Office 365. your company is at risk. After all, all it takes is just one attack to get through to compromise your network.

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The solution? Complement Office 365 with DuoCircle Advanced Threat Defense.

Given the volume of attacks against 0365 and new pathways offering hackers a way in, true security-minded organizations will need to toke a multi-layered approach to email and endpoint security, including a best-in-class solution like Advanced Threat Protection that offers real-time phishing protection and protection against zero-day exploits, among other attack vectors.


Advanced Threat Defense

Attacks including malware, ransomware and phishing are becoming more common and more sophisticated every day. This is why Advanced Threat Defense includes the features you need in one integrated solution to secure your users from Spam, Malware, Ransomware, Phishing and Malicious Attachments. Our classification engine detects and defends against these threats in real-time with the highest possible level of accuracy.

Advanced Threat Defense
Zero-Day Exploit Protection

In addition to phishing protection, Advanced Threat Defense protects against Zero-Day exploits.

Real Time Scanning

Comprehensive scalling of URLs in inbound email, while preventing users from clicking on malicious links or visiting websites that may contain malware.

Email Gateway Redefined

By expanding the scope of traditional Gateway security, Advanced Threat Defense protects against the most successful hacking techniques.

Powerful Reporting

Administrators have full reporting of malicious links that are blocked and have control over the options users have when they are blocked.

Hacking Defense

90% of hacking attacks start with a phishing email. Advanced Threat Defense is a stronger layer of protection for your organization and users from these devastating attacks

Protection for all Devices

Provide instant protection on all devices including cell phones and tablets for all end-users


Join thousands of satisfied customers using our email security suite globally.

We have been very happy with the service. We have about 90 e-mail accounts being protected and it has stopped multiple bad links from being opened. It works great.

Jacob Winders
Jacob Winders
VTM Group

There is no one single solution to eradicate phishing. The tiered approach of Advanced Threat Defense comes close for our users. We are very happy with the ease of management and it’s accuracy.

Geoff Shulman
Geoff Shulman
GM Properties

Our users rely on emails when they in the field. The link click protection feature protects all of our devices from phishing and malicious URL’s. I get device agnostic protection, even on mobile.

John Godwin
John Godwin
North Star Medical Services

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