How Are Zero-Days Attacks Discovered Before Adversaries Can Take Advantage Of Them

No piece of any software program is without bugs and vulnerabilities. When the adversaries discover these vulnerabilities before the software developers, then they can exploit these as there are no defenses to counter the threat yet. And, you can find numerous zero day attack examples where hackers were able to bypassed controls put in place by organizations for zero day attack prevention.

Reasons Most of The Recent Zero-day Attacks Were Detected

Here are some controls around zero-day protection and also the methods that can help organizations understand how these attacks are discovered in advance:

  • By using premium security software to detect any known and unknown threats or vulnerabilities.
  • Continuously scanning security configuration & security settings of the internet browser, operating system, and other software & application so that zero-day vulnerabilities cannot be exploited.
  • By having a security monitoring program in place organizations can train and educate their employees to identify any zero-day attack even before it takes place

It is necessary to understand how zero-day attacks are discovered to make sure such attacks don’t make things worse for your enterprise. Besides following the above-discussed points, organizations should also design their information security framework considering fundamental information security principles.

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