Boost Your Workplace Security With Phishing Education

Company secrets are an important commodity for cybercriminals, which they can sell for high prices once obtained. Because they’ll never stop trying to get your organization’s sensitive data, proper precautions must be taken, especially since 97% of consumers can’t correctly identify spear phishing emails.

In this article, we’ll show you how to up your digital security with spear phishing prevention service and by providing phishing education for your employees.

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Have regular security training

Make sure your business has a security officer. This person will be well-informed on possible spear phishing attacks and can educate your employees about what they need to be aware of.

By having a security officer on staff, your workers have someone they can refer to whenever they feel like something is malicious. The officer can also hold weekly or monthly meetings to inform the entire workplace of current scams they need to watch out for.

Test your employees from time to time

Your security officer can also help with spear phishing attack tests and train staff on how to prevent phishing. Coordinate with your IT team to send out mock phishing emails periodically to keep people on their toes. Remember, the majority of people can’t recognize phishing emails or phishing site, so fake phishing attacks can be a great way to bring people up to speed.

Learning about phishing is one thing, but actually experiencing it is a whole different subject. Whether your employees are new to technology or veterans, it’s always better for them to fall for a test spear phishing attack than a real one.

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Encourage reports

When you impose punishments for falling victim to spear phishing emails, this discourages employees from reporting any suspicious activity. This, in turn, can hurt your company.

Instead, encourage staff to speak to your security officer if they feel they’ve been a victim of phishing. This open, positive environment can motivate people to not only communicate with the security officer, but also their colleagues. Word of mouth can be very efficient in shutting down phishing attempts.

Get extra security with anti-phishing software

In addition to your antivirus program, you should have the best phishing protection software in place. While antivirus software can block more straightforward spear phishing attacks, its capabilities aren’t sufficient for full protection.

With antivirus and anti-phishing software implemented, plus ongoing phishing education in your workplace, you can fight the statistics and come out on top. Don’t let the cybercriminals win; be proactive about awareness and training, so your trade secrets remain secure.

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