How to Tell if It’s a Phishing Blog

We all have our guilty pleasures, especially when we get a few minutes to take a break from work. Yours might be reading a cooking or travel blog.

Blogs may seem harmless, but can still be filled with malware. If you want to stay safe and not fall victim to phishing, here are a few ways to tell if you’re on a phishing blog or not.

phishing prevention best practices

There are suspicious links

Many bloggers have affiliate links in their blog posts, since that’s how they make extra cash doing what they love. Those should be safe to click since they’re genuine URLs promoting products.

But before you click on what appears to be an affiliate link, hover your mouse over the anchor text first. Take a look at what the target URL is. If it’s something that looks suspicious or unfamiliar, give it a pass. If you really want to check out what the blogger’s talking about, just open a tab and Google the product yourself.

It asks you to log in

This one’s actually for if you run a blog yourself. Have you received an email asking you to log into your account to update it? Then it may be a phishing attempt. Phishing awareness training helps you identify such phishing attempts.

Disregard it and type in the blog domain yourself. Once you’ve logged in on the genuine site, you can then check if you actually need to update your credentials. If so, then do it in the browser.

phishing prevention software
prevent spear phishing

Have good phishing defense

The best thing to have while you’re surfing the net is best phishing protection. At the most basic level, you should have antivirus software installed. Another beneficial thing to have is anti-phishing software. It’ll not only block any harmful clicks, but it’ll also prevent spear phishing emails.

With such comprehensive security, you’ll be able to read your blogs and emails in peace without worrying about how to stop phishing emails.

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