The Best Phishing Protection for Your Business

The Best Phishing Protection for Your Business

Unfortunately, when it comes to spear phishing, you can’t just use one type of protection and expect it to be completely foolproof. New vulnerabilities are always being discovered, which means if your sole method doesn’t catch them immediately, it can spell trouble.

Instead, the best thing to do is use multiple layers of protection for the best security possible. That way, any vulnerabilities not detected by one method can be picked up by the other.

Here are some of the essentials when it comes to the best phishing protection for your business.

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Employee awareness

Employee awareness can make all the difference between a spear phishing attack making its rounds at your workplace or being stopped dead in its tracks. With 97% of people unable to identify spear phishing emails, this means even the most tech-savvy employee can fall victim to an attack.

Having a security officer around may help improve your company’s statistics. Not only can they provide regular phishing education, but they can also test your employees with fake spear phishing attacks. By increasing awareness in the workplace, you get an inherent foundation for phishing protection.

You should also encourage your employees to step forward if they find anything suspicious. Early detection can prevent the entire office from falling for the same phishing scam and eliminate a lot of trouble further down the road.

Antivirus software

Everyone in your office should have a subscription for an antivirus program. Not having one is just asking for trouble. Antivirus software is part of your first line of defense, so without it, all sorts of malicious things can make their way into your network, including spear phishing emails.

Make antivirus software the basis for your phishing protection and add various other things on top for a comprehensive defense system. The more, the better. Think of it as adding more layers to the walls of your house; it’ll take cybercriminals more effort to break through.

For antivirus software to be truly effective, make sure all your employees keep it up-to-date at all times. As we’ve stated before, vulnerabilities are always being discovered, which are used to get into your network by scammers. So make sure those are eliminated with constant patch installations.

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Anti-phishing toolbar

An anti-phishing toolbar can be great for blocking malicious URLs in real-time. Whether your employees are tech-savvy or new to technology, this tool can ensure safe surfing. It can also make internet usage foolproof, should you have visitors who are unfamiliar with your computers but are using them for work purposes.

There are plenty of free options available, so your workers can all get one very cost-efficiently. But before you download them, make sure you do some research. Many cybercriminals mask their malware as anti-phishing toolbars, which defeats the purpose of getting one in the first place.

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Anti-phishing software

You can bolster the security of your network further with anti-phishing software. In fact, it’s the most important part of your phishing protection. This is because it’s software made specifically to prevent spear phishing.

While antivirus programs do a decent job at blocking spear phishing attempts, it’s almost inevitable some will breach your defenses. This is because antivirus programs’ primary focus isn’t phishing, but viruses, as the name implies.

This is why an anti-phishing program is essential for your workplace. With niche software in place, you’re adding impenetrable bricks to the wall of your “home.” From smart quarantine to domain name spoofing protection, anti-phishing software can offer a whole suite of services to keep you and your employees safe all over the internet.

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Make sure you have multiple layers of security

So one thing is clear when it comes to how to prevent spear phishing: having one line of defense is simply not enough when it comes to defending against spear phishing attacks. Even two may not be enough. Although your organization has stayed safe so far with just antivirus software, it’s merely luck.

When it comes to phishing, it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.” If you adopt the “when” mindset, you’ll be much better prepared for whatever cybercriminals throw at you. Combine employee education with multiple pieces of software, and you’ll find the winning combination to keep scammers out.

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