What You Need to Know About Ransomware Protection Software

In 1991, the first ransomware attack was carried out through the use of floppy disks mailed to some AIDS researchers. PC Cyborg was the first of its kind, and it’s certainly not the last.

In over two decades, ransomware attacks have become increasingly more sophisticated. Nowadays, we have malware that can lock up entire systems and even put some small companies out of business.

To avoid such a fate for your organization, you need to consider getting ransomware protection software. But before we explain what it can do for you, here’s a basic explanation of the types of ransomware you might encounter.

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The types of ransomware

When it comes to ransomware, cybercriminals typically specialize in two types: encryption and leakware (doxware). However, they rarely dabble in leakware and doxware, since encryption ransomware is much more rewarding when comparing the effort required and the monetary profit.

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Encryption ransomware

When you download malware that leads to encryption ransomware, it causes all your files to lock up. You won’t be able to open any of them, as the cybercriminal has encrypted them. In order to regain access, you need a decryption key; it’s usually unique, and only the scammer knows it.

One way to unlock your data is to pay a ransom in Bitcoins. Otherwise, you have to clean restore your computer to remove ransomware. This will erase all your files, so it’s vital you have a backup to lean on if you have to restore your device.

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Leakware (doxware) ransomware

This type of ransomware takes some effort and research on the cybercriminal’s part. Once the malware is on your computer, they’ll look for compromising information on you, such as nude pictures or company secrets.

Since leakage of sensitive information would be catastrophic, people panic and are more than willing to pay the ransom. But again, this type of ransomware isn’t as lucrative, nor as easy to carry out as encryption ransomware, so the chances of you encountering this are smaller.

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What ransomware protection software does

Protection against ransomware software doesn’t directly block ransomware from installing itself on your computer. Instead, it keeps an eye out for the means that ransomware comes in through; usually, it’s through a type of cybercrime called phishing.

Ransomware attack solution is meant to be a reinforcement for your antivirus program. It can do everything antivirus does, but more. While antivirus is intended for blanket protection, ransomware protection services are more targeted.

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These services can provide you with:

  • Real-time link checking
  • Real-time scanning and quarantining of executable file attachments; non-executables are scanned for macros and scripts
  • Thorough scanning of zip file attachments
  • Comparing email addresses with spoofed domain lists
  • Phishing and malware protection

By getting comprehensive coverage for phishing, you’ll block the entrance cybercriminals use to introduce ransomware to your computer. In doing so, you can save your company from significant setbacks.

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