Efficient Phishing Solutions To Tackle The Rising Number Of Phishing Attacks

With the rapidly unfolding threat landscape of phishing attacks, organizations not only face a threat from malicious e-mails but weaponized attachments also. Thus, it is imperative for business leaders, IT admins, and solution providers to understand the need for protecting their organization.

While most organizations prefer to engage the end-users in regular and comprehensive cybersecurity training with phishing prevention best practices, it is not enough to counter the hyper-targeted phishing campaigns. Multi-pronged phishing solutions are the only surefire way for protection against phishing threats.

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Phishing Solutions To Prevent Phishing Attempts

Organizations need to deploy a series of anti-phishing security firewalls to prevent phishing from cybercriminals gaining unauthorized access to their systems and compromising the information. Here are some of the techniques that help in phishing protection:


Using Anti-Phishing Tools

There are many anti-phishing techniques which enterprises can employ. The most effective solution is employee awareness training. But, it is not sufficient in itself; hence, organizations need to take steps to upgrade their digital security. With the right tools, they can prevent the cyber-attackers from crossing the organization’s line of defense.

  1. Antivirus Software: Antivirus software can be part of the first line of defense. The software may not be specialized in phishing prevention but is capable of countering basic phishing attacks. Antivirus software is designed to detect malware as well as wrong clicks. The software can easily detect malicious e-mails before they enter the organization’s system.
  2. Anti-Phishing Toolbar: It is an essential tool to thwart any phishing threat. The toolbar provides phishing attack prevention by protecting the organization’s network in real-time. It works by keeping a check on every click by the user and blocks any malicious site from opening.


Deploying Anti-Phishing Service Providers

An employee’s e-mail, an indispensable feature of the workplace, is also its weakest link. Over 90% of phishing attacks originate through an e-mail. Many anti-phishing software companies provide e-mail security services to enhance the e-mail protection of an enterprise. Here is how these services add-on to the line of defense of an organization:

  • Real-time scanning of the e-mails to detect any malicious links and malware.
  • Looking closely at the content of the e-mails to detect any fraud.
  • Scanning domain information to find any suspicious indicators.
  • Blocking the e-mails which look suspicious.
  • Tagging the malicious e-mails and generating a warning to the users beforehand.


Sandboxing E-mail Attachments

Most e-mail clients approve or block malicious e-mails based on pre-defined configurations from the solution administrator. To by-pass the security firewalls, adversaries do not add links to the body of the e-mail. Instead, they include them in malicious attachments.

Attachment sandboxing involves scrutinizing each e-mail with an attachment. It includes examining the file by extracting it from the message. The attachment then gets transferred to a ‘sandbox,’ which is a virtual protected environment. Thus, attachment sandboxing is an efficient phishing solution which helps businesses communicate with confidence.


Using Phish Alarm And Making Employees A Part Of Line Of Defense

Adversaries enter the organization’s network by tricking the employees. The employees can become a part of the line of defense by using Phishing Alarm Button. Whenever a suspicious e-mail comes across an employee, he/she can press the button, which will directly report the problem to the anti phishing security department for immediate action. It will assist the response team in dealing with the issue before any intruder gets into the organization’s network.


Training The Employees

Phishing awareness training becomes a necessary step to provide detailed knowledge about phishing attacks to the employees on how to avoid phishing. But, just providing theoretical knowledge of what is phishing is not enough; practical experience is also very essential. Thus, simulated training is the best option. Through this, the employee will learn to face the real-life phishing problems in a controlled environment.

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The path to protecting the organization from phishing attacks is not simple and does not include only one technique. Several phishing solutions need to be incorporated by the organization to minimize the risk of cyber threats. The induction of above-listed tactics will provide high-level protection to an organization in the long-run.


how to avoid phishing

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