Office 365 Phishing Email Examples

If your workplace uses Office 365, you’ll want to be aware of the phishing scams that can hit you and your employees. You can’t stop phishing attempts, but you can lower the chances of your organization falling victim to them with the help of office 365 phishing protection service.

Here are some common Office 365 phishing email examples to watch out for in your inbox.

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Non-delivery emails

One of the most popular Office 365 phishing attacks is fake non-delivery emails. They’ll claim that your emails haven’t gone through, so you need to click the “send again” link contained within. Once you’ve clicked it, it’ll install malware on your computer.

Storage limitation alerts

You’ll receive an email masquerading as Microsoft, which will say the storage for your Office 365 account is almost full and you must take action. Since interruptions in business can be detrimental, this drives users to resolve the problem immediately. The email will ask you to log into your account so you can activate “Quota,” which is actually malware.

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Reactivation request

A spoofed email will say your Office 365 account has been deactivated and a login is required to reactivate it. Wanting access, users will then use the malicious link in the email for “reactivation.” In reality, this sends their information to the scammers.


PhishPoint circumvents Office 365 security by attaching a legitimate file through a collaboration tool like SharePoint. This allows the email to bypass Office 365 ATP.

Inside the SharePoint file is the malicious link. After you click on it, it’ll take you to a fake login screen, where your credentials will be sent to the cybercriminals.

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Don’t fall for fake emails

With these Office 365 email phishing examples, hopefully, your organization can better recognize phishing attempts when they happen with advanced threat protection office 365. Awareness is the first step to fighting Office 365 phishing email scams using best phishing protection office 365, so arm yourself and your teamwith this knowledge.

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