The Most Effective Anti-Phishing Tools

You probably know by now that phishing attacks are rampant; they hit 76% of businesses in 2017, after all. Because of this, an upgrade to your cybersecurity system is imperative. One successful attack can be all it takes for trade secrets to land in the wrong hands.

There are many anti-phishing services now out on the market, with each claiming to keep your organization safe from scammers. But which one should you use, and how do you know if they’re truly the best defense system to pick?

In this article, we outline the different types of anti-phishing tools and rank their efficiency, so you know which to pick.

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Anti-phishing toolbars

Anti-phishing toolbars are convenient add-ons you can put on your web browser. You pay just a minimal fee (or none at all), download the small file, and it’s ready to help you detect phishing sites.

This can be a useful tool to have since it’ll check your clicks in real time and block anything it finds to be malicious. If you often have people who aren’t tech-savvy using your devices, this can come in handy.

Ranking: This is the weakest type of anti-phishing tool. The majority of toolbars are free to download, which means the tech probably isn’t the best. With a low success rate in detecting attacks, anti-phishing toolbars definitely can’t give you comprehensive coverage.

Antivirus programs

As the name implies, the purpose of antivirus programs is to catch viruses. But since viruses and phishing attacks often go hand-in-hand, they can also identify and block phishing attempts.

It also installs a firewall, which is immensely helpful. This acts as a gatekeeper for the traffic coming in and going out of your network.

Ranking: This anti-phishing solution is decent. While it may be effective against basic phishing attacks, it won’t stand a chance against more sophisticated ones. Suffice to say, antivirus software isn’t enough by itself.

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Anti-phishing software

This type of anti-phishing technique can stop not only phishing, but also malware, spoofing, and spam. It’ll give your workplace network a sturdy wall to keep out any digital intruders.

Before any malware can appear in your inbox, anti-phishing software will intercept and scan it for anything that might be harmful. Not only will it automatically block any .exe files, but it’ll also discard any malicious emails and filter benign ones into your inbox.

Ranking: This is the strongest type of anti-phishing tool. Anti-phishing software is developed specifically and primarily to fend off phishing attacks. Since it uses machine learning to analyze your emails, you won’t have to worry about emails ending up in the wrong folders.

Always use more than one anti-phishing tool

Although there’s a clear hierarchy to anti-phishing tools, the most effective solution is to use more than one at any given time. All tools are bound to have their weaknesses, so the more tools there are, the smaller the chances of attacks making it through.

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