Anti-Phishing Techniques for Your Workplace

Do you use email every day? Regardless of if you use it for work or personal reasons, you’re probably familiar with spam mail. The average person receives 16 in a day, so your numbers may be quite similar.

While spam emails seem harmless at first glance, they can actually wreak havoc on your organization. Cybercriminals concoct these emails to try and get at trade secrets and other sensitive data, so they can be very convincing.

If you’re worried about your company’s cybersecurity, there are a few simple things you can do to raise your defenses and fight off attacks effectively.

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Enable a firewall

If your business doesn’t have a firewall, you need to get one immediately. This acts as the gate for traffic that goes in and out of your network. Without a firewall, unauthorized access can easily happen. You’d essentially be leaving your front door unlocked and open, inviting anyone to come in and steal your valuable items.

With a firewall enabled, you can turn cybercriminals off when they’re “casing the joint.” Make sure you always keep it updated since any lapses in patches can leave your network vulnerable.

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Double check your email attachments

Many victims fall prey to cybercriminals because they get tempted by what the scam emails have to offer. Whether it’s a free offer or an industry report, scammers know what it takes to get people to click.

So, one of the best anti-phishing techniques is to be very cautious of the attachments you receive. Usually, .exe files are malicious, unless you’ve requested one from a colleague or client.

Also, if you’ve received a file out of the blue from an unknown sender, resist your curiosity. Trash the email straight away so you won’t risk any misclicks. If the email is actually important, the sender will try to get in touch with you again if you don’t respond promptly.

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Avoid clicking on links

This technique for phishing prevention is similar to the one for attachments. Cybercriminals will tempt you to click on malicious links embedded in their emails. Since you can’t tell if they’re legitimate URLs or not, the best practice is to type in the address yourself.

By taking the extra step to open a window up and access websites that way, it can help you avoid all sorts of phishing attacks.

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Install anti-phishing software

The best anti-phishing tool to have in your digital belt is anti-phishing software. Even if every person in your office uses all these anti-phishing techniques, it takes just one small error for a cybercriminal to be successful.

When you have anti-phishing service installed, it’ll be your safety net for any attempts that make it past your firewall and antivirus program. You’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing that you can navigate the internet safely and securely.

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