The Most Effective Anti Phishing Solutions

97% of people aren’t able to identify phishing attempts. With such an alarmingly high rate of risk, you need to secure your organization’s sensitive data. These numbers prove that no matter how tech-savvy your employees are, the majority of them are probably still prone to falling victim to phishing attacks.

To combat this tendency, you should adopt anti phishing solutions in the workplace. By putting up as many barriers as possible, you’ll increase the chances of your company making it through not just one, but all phishing attempts.

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Have regular security training

An important component of cybersecurity is the human element. Chances are, your workforce has computer skills that range from novice to expert. But as the earlier statistic shows, even the experts can be duped.

This is why it’s vital to have regular security training. No matter how big or small they are, many businesses are adopting the practice of hiring digital security officers. This is because they have valuable knowledge about phishing scams and how they’re evolving.

When you have a digital security officer in the workplace, you have a designated person who can not only spread information, but also handle any security breaches. Also, they can administer occasional phishing tests, so employees know where their weaknesses are.

Implement robust anti-phishing software

Your organization probably already has antivirus software installed; it can detect and block simple phishing attacks. Because of this, you may have become complacent in your digital defenses. However, it simply doesn’t have the capability to block anything more sophisticated.

For this, you need anti-phishing software. This niche software tackles all the problems antivirus programs can’t. When you layer your antivirus program with anti-phishing software, you’ll increase your company’s digital fighting power.

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Key features of anti-phishing software

Are you wondering what exactly anti-phishing tool can do for you? Here are the ways it can block cybercriminals from infiltrating your network:

  • Smart quarantine of emails: Machine learning cleverly filters your important emails into your inbox and malicious emails into your spam folder, not vice versa. You won’t have to worry about essential emails being lost in the wrong folder.
  • Blocking of malicious attachments: Since most malware is sent as .exe files, anti-phishing software will automatically block them. It’ll also scan all attachments and make sure they’re clean before sending them to your inbox.
  • Blocking of malicious links: This works on all links, including those you’re clicking on in real time and those sitting in your read emails. The instant scanning of URLs will prevent any from loading if they’re found to be on any blacklists.
  • Protection from spoofing: You’re protected from domain and display name spoofing to make it harder for cybercriminals to spear phish your organization. Additional signatures are added to your emails so scammers can’t hijack your emails either.


Keep your business safe from phishing attacks

Ensuring your employees are up-to-date on phishing techniques can really bolster your cybersecurity. When you add effective anti phishing services such as robust antivirus programs and anti-phishing software, it’ll be extremely difficult for cybercriminals to get into your network.

But to have continual protection, you have to remember to keep up with updates and patches. These are key to plugging up any vulnerabilities that are found, so never postpone updates if you can help it.

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  • Complete situational awareness from web-based console

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