How Anti-Phishing Software Can Help Your Business

With spam accounting for 45% of the total amount of emails sent, there’s a very real chance that your organization can be hit with a phishing attack. In that case, are you adequately prepared?

You may have just had the realization that your cybersecurity needs a serious upgrade. While most workplaces have antivirus software tools implemented, those programs are easily bypassed by clever cybercriminals.

What your business needs is anti-phishing software. This type of software is created especially to combat attempts at infiltration. In this article, we outline all the benefits that come with adopting this piece of technology.

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Block malicious links and attachments

You’re always receiving emails, so it may be difficult to tell which ones are safe to click on. With anti-phishing software, you won’t have to waste your time or effort discerning between important and spam emails.

Instead, it’ll automatically block any .exe files that are sent. For everything else, it’ll thoroughly scan the contents and only send the emails to your inbox if they’re deemed 100% safe.

Anti-phishing protection also works to protect you from bad clicks in real time. Whether those links are in your emails or webpages, the software will ensure they’re clean before loading the sites. If found to be malicious, the sites won’t load on your browser, and you’ll receive a message explaining why.

Protect against spoofing

Domain and display name spoofing are common methods used by cybercriminals to carry out their spear phishing attacks. This is when they use domain or display names that are closely similar to your contacts’, so you’re fooled into thinking you’re communicating with them.

The protection against spoofing goes both ways. Not only will anti-phishing technique determine if an email from a contact is spoofed, but it’ll also prevent scammers from spoofing your organization’s domain and display names. It can do so by adding additional signatures, also known as DMARC, SPF, and DKIM.

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Sort emails intelligently

Although many programs and email clients claim to have the ability to send emails to the appropriate folders, you may have been frustrated with many of your important emails ending up in the spam folder. Not only is this annoying, but it can be a pricey mistake as well.

Anti-phishing tool has been designed to use machine learning to correctly sort genuine emails to your inbox and malicious ones to your spam folder. Since it can make this distinction accurately, you won’t have to worry about anything vital hiding away.

Don’t let cybercriminals win

The fact is, cybercriminals won’t stop trying to access your sensitive data; it’s simply too valuable for them to leave alone. The quicker you accept this fact, the better your chances are against them.

Having anti-phishing solution in your arsenal can immediately turn the tides. By implementing this technology and always keeping it up-to-date, cybercriminals will find it hard to crack your defenses.

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