Anti-Phishing Solutions: How to Protect Yourself

Every business has its trade secrets, and cybercriminals will go to extreme lengths to get them. With so many nooks and crannies on the internet, it’s easy to exploit them so unwitting victims fall into their traps.

Be proactive and find robust anti-phishing solutions for your organization before a scammer finds their way in.

Here’s how to protect yourself.

anti phishing services

Install anti-phishing software

Although your antivirus software can block out phishing attempts, even the best ones can miss a few here and there. This is why you need a second layer of best phishing protection.

Because you have two walls of defense, it’ll make it significantly more difficult for phishing attempts to be successful. For the little few that make it through your antivirus program, they’re sure to hit a dead end with the anti-phishing software.

What anti-phishing software can do

Here are some key benefits of anti-phishing software:


  • Smart quarantine: Phishing emails are sent straight to the spam folder while your important emails go to your inbox.
  • Malicious attachment blocking: Attachments ending in .exe are automatically blocked and all other attachments are thoroughly scanned and blocked if needed using anti-phishing techniques.
  • Protection from malicious links: This works in real time to block malicious links no matter if you click them ASAP or days later. It also prevents any access to bad links while you’re surfing the internet.
  • Protection from spoofing: Both domain and display names are protected from spoofing so it’s harder for cybercriminals to masquerade as your company or employees.


anti phishing protection
anti phishing

Be wary of free downloads

In order to save money, you may be tempted to use free anti-phishing tools. However, these may be cleverly disguised phishing attempts. So before you download any of them, be sure to do thorough research to make sure they’re not malicious files.

Some legitimate free downloads offer useful features, but they’re usually restricted when compared to paid versions. So you should treat free downloads as a preview, and if you like them, commit to the paid version to get full protection.

Stop phishing before it happens

The simplest way to avoid falling victim to phishing attacks is to prevent them from happening in the first place. With good office 365 anti-phishing solutions, it’ll be money well invested since it safeguards not only your employees, but your organization as well.

All it takes is one misclick for your business to be at risk. So get yourself anti-phishing software to keep cybercriminals out.

anti phishing software

Enterprise-class features without the enterprise price

For one low monthly price and no per-user fees, Phish Protection’s integrated solution protects your employees from malicious email. 24×7. On any device. With features you’d expect from more expensive solutions:

All Plans Come With

  • Stop threatening emails before they reach your inbox
  • Continuous link checking
  • Real-time website scanning
  • Real time alerts to users and administrators
  • Check 6 URL reputation databases
  • Protection with settings you control
  • Protection against zero day vulnerabilities
  • Complete situational awareness from a single web-based console

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